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SCP-414 placed bottom-up

Item #: SCP-414

Object Class: Safe (Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures:


SCP-414 is a leather and soft silk weave top hat of typical variety used in shows and performances by magicians and illusionists. It takes on a unusual ebony color at certain angles, but discolorations are present due to wear and age. There are no markings to identify its origin or manufacturer. The design and make of SCP-414 indicates that it originated in the late 1870's to early 1900's from a European setting. Fiber analysis is inconclusive at best.

Upon first inspection, SCP-414 appears to be a normal head wear. Peering into SCP-414 reveals a pitch black void that begins midway into the stove pipe shaped section that comprises SCP-414. Cameras and other electronic equipment looking into SCP-414 inexplicably fail to operate. Electromagnetic analysis and other scanning attempts into SCP-414 are not possible due to this. Personnel appear to be entranced when staring into SCP-414 and sometimes report movement of unknown nature occurring within the void.

By reaching into SCP-414 by hand or non-electrical retrieval device (such as a fishing rod), SCP-414 will produce items of various nature. The items comprise mostly of aids found in typical magic shows and illusions. These items are unusual in each of their own way and have been logged in Experiment Log 414. SCP-414 will always offer an item that can be lifted by the method used to retrieve an item. Heavier objects may turn up if the appendage is capable of extracting it. Turning SCP-414 with its opening downward to shake it of its contents does not produce any results. There is no way to control what objects SCP-414 produces.

Inserting items into SCP-414 is possible, however releasing grip on the object inserted is tantamount to losing it forever. Maintaining firm grip or a connection to outside the void will ensure an object is not lost and can be pulled back out without incident.

The opening of the brim SCP-414 will increase in circumference and adjust its shape to accommodate the dimensions of the object being passed through. The limit of what SCP-414 can take in has not been reached with testing done so far. It is not understood how SCP-414 is able to accomplish this, despite composition analysis revealing SCP-414 to be physically incapable of stretching in such a manner.

[[collapsible show="+ Experiment Log 414" hide="- hide this content"]]
Five item range within equilibrium:
Playing cards
No identifiable manufacturer, various unusual patterns and designs for faces and backs.
Small animals
Rabbits, doves, kittens and other pet-store variety. Species do not match any record.
Fibers and composition are similar to everyday silk and cotton, but are of unusual color, texture and tensile strength.
Coins and bills
Mint dates ranging from 200's to 4300's. Intricacy and metallurgical complexity rarely follow preconceived technological levels matched with eras and dates. Design and shape may or may not match known types. Materials include typical to unidentifiable. Some are are identified as a combination historically significant, ancient or incredibly rare.
Paper notes
Various non-sequitar anecdotes, sentence fragments, names and random garble in various languages. In addition, some languages do not match any on record and some languages are known only to the foundation.
Sometimes contain some of previous items. Owners range from non-existent, living, to deceased. Interestingly, no cards with magnetic strips are ever included.
Ranging from well polished to severely rusted, plain to elaborate, these items follow the same pattern established by previous examples.
Various unusual toys, (un)identifiable flower species, jewelry.

List of items obtained, their classification number and details:

  • SCP-443-01 — Set of playing cards that do not follows standard suite and numbering format.
  • SCP-443-02 — A rabbit that does not match any known rabbit species on record.

Document #414-A: [Discovery]

Document #414-B: [Study into pocket universe]

Document #414-C [Previous owners and disappearance of ████████████]

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