Dimensional Disassembler
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Item# : SCP-0000

Object Class : Safe

Special Containment Procedures :
Only personnel with clearance level two(2) and above are allowed to operate SCP-0000 at any given time. SCP-0000 is to be stored in any research cell with at least 64ft.(768in.) by 52ft.(642in.) by 30ft.(360in.) in dimension and requires no guard to be station at it's research cell. Any data retrieved from SCP-0000 are to be stored at Archive AR-141-E. Researchers are allowed to duplicate data retrieved from SCP-0000 but original copy is to remain at AR-141-E, any personnel caught removing and/or not inserting data into the assigned location are to be detained in cell E02-914 for 36hours followed by 6hours of consultation. If personnel is deemed trustable, he/she is then allowed to use SCP-0000 again; If not, he/she will be demoted 1 level down and will be unable to use SCP-0000 for until the site command allows.

NOTE: Relocation of SCP-0000 is not advised.

Description :
SCP-0000 is a large unknown object weighing over 70 tonnes. It is made up of twenty-two(22) halos around a spherical glass room sized 2m2 and has two(2) different chambers attached to the main structure; the data chamber and the observation chamber. Eleven(11) halos are screwed together by 2 large rods at both ends in a way it makes it look like as if it is standing (y-axis), the next eleven(11) are screwed to the first eleven(11) such that each one(1) halo is screwed to only one(1) more over the x-axis which are then bolted to the spherical glass room. The data chamber consist of three(3) large screens, hundred-and-twenty-one(121) buttons sized 2cm x 2cm each and eleven(11) sliders labelled 1 through 11. Each button rotates the y-axis of all 11 halos and each sliders rotates the x-axis of the corresponding halo. Buttons and sliders do not work until SCP-0000 is powered up. The observation chamber is within the spherical glass room and within it stands a glass table sized 30cm by 30cm by 4cm.

When an form of weight is on the glass table within the observation chamber, SCP-0000 will be powered up by some sort of self-sustaining energy. The buttons and sliders in the data chamber becomes activated with faint cyan light glowing under the buttons and label of the sliders. The screens also becomes powered up; all three(3) screens renders the object placed on the glass table in orthographic projection. The rotation of the halos affects the different projection of the screens.


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