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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All unopened instances of SCP-XXXX are currently stored within Low Security Vault 2 of Site-28. Residential Testing Area 01 and all active instances of SCP-XXXX are currently quarantined and under observation. Any instances of SCP-XXXX instances emerging outside of Residential Testing Area 01 are to be shaved immediately upon detainment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a self-propagating form of facial hair titled “Dr. Wondertainment’s Beard Buddies™”. Each SCP-XXXX instance is a mass of human terminal hair measuring 270 cm3 in volume, contained within a clear plastic sphere of two separating hemispheres attached to a sheet of cardboard. SCP-XXXX instances comes in six colors: blonde, brown, black, red, grey, and fluorescent blue. 185 unique styles and combinations of facial hair have been observed to occur naturally, with an additional 93 observed as the result of cross-pollination. It is unknown whether the packaging’s claim of “1,970,654 and a half different Buddies™!” is hyperbolic advertising at this time.

Upon opening of its packaging, an SCP-XXXX instance will attach itself to the face of the individual who opened the package. If no individual is nearby, it will remain dormant until approached by a suitable host. The process of attachment is painless and takes one to four seconds. SCP-XXXX reproduces via the production of spores, entering this state for the first time 5 to 10 hours after initial contact with a host. Spores will take root upon contact with the skin, and will develop into full instances of SCP-XXXX within 15-20 hours, bearing combined colors and styles in accordance with the parent instances.

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