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Digital rendering of the topmost iteration of SCP-AAA

Item #: SCP-AAA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-AAA is to be kept within a picture frame at least large enough for a human to step through. SCP-AAA has been observed to expand or contract to fit any available area within its frame. The frame is to be stored at a location away from any dangerous materials and at least 300 feet away from any Euclid or Keter-class SCPs.


Specimens of SCP-BBB

Item #: SCP-BBB

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-BBB are benign and warrant no containment procedures. Apart from monitoring the number in large population centers there are no special procedures that need be followed when observing SCP-BBB. All high-concentration areas of SCP-BBB are to be closely monitored at all times, with ultrasonic devices on hand at all times to keep populations within nondamaging levels.

Description: SCP-BBB are a species of microscopic wormlike creatures light enough to float in any air that is not completely still. They are fragile enough that specimens often die during transportation, though autopsies generally confirm that they are mostly identical to other microorganisms save for their method of obtaining nutrition. Specimens of SCP-BBB are parasitic, and infest the neural pathways of human beings and certain other mammals. Once within the brain, SCP-BBB will remain until death or until some massive trauma renders the host brain-dead. Specimens of SCP-BBB feed on the brainwaves generated by the parts of the brain associated with hearing, memory, and pattern-recognition, somehow drawing sustenance from the electrical signals before reproducing them repeatedly. This results in the impression of a short loop of music or similar sound, which fades after a length of time ranging from several hours up to a month or more. Large infestations of SCP-BBB may produce symptoms that resemble, but are not, tinnitus.

SCP-BBB are visible to the naked eye in high concentrations, taking on a variable coloration ranging from light yellow to near-black and closely resembling common earwax in all aspects other than flavor. Visible concentrations of SCP-BBB are entirely bland, lacking the common acidic taste of human earwax. Special care should be taken when cleaning ones ears in an area with confirmed high-concentration SCP-BBB, as specimens have been known to inhabit ear swabs (commonly known as 'q-tips') for long periods of time.

Addendum BBB-A: It has been discovered that high concentrations of SCP-BBB in a host's neural pathways over a period of several years can lead to permanent memory loss as neurons burn out from repeated stimulation, similar to a drug overdose.

Addendum BBB-B: Experimentation has shown that SCP-BBB die when exposed to sounds in the range of █████-█████Hz for periods exceeding 35 seconds. Given the long-term effects of exposure to SCP-BBB and its prevalent nature, Foundation personnel in media broadcast stations worldwide have been instructed to feed a loop of sound at the specified frequency through all broadcasts for the foreseeable future, in an effort to bring the number of SCP-BBB below threatening levels.

SCP-CCC during Interview CCC-1

Item #: SCP-CCC

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CCC is to remain contained in a small two-room containment area lined with sound-absorbing fabric at Site-██. Reasonable requests that do not involve music may be granted contingent on approval by the highest-ranking on-Site personnel. Any requests involving music or metronymic devices are to be denied. SCP-CCC is not to be allowed outside of its containment area following Interview CCC-7. Following the events of Interview CCC-10, SCP-CCC is to be strapped to its mattress at all times, with four 15-minute periods per day allocated for food and elimination purposes. Following the events of Interview CCC-12, SCP-CCC is to be fed intravenously and all waste is to be eliminated via bedpan and catheter. SCP-CCC is to be gagged at all times and should type out its responses to interview questions on a provided keyboard. SCP-CCC's fingernails, toenails, etc. should be kept short enough that they cannot be conceivably used to harm SCP-CCC.

Description: SCP-CCC is [NAME REDACTED], formerly a composer for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Subject is between 50 and 60 years of age, and appears to be a normal human in all physical respects (apart from slight flattening of the fingertips, excused by subject as the result of years playing the organ). SCP-CCC was brought to Foundation attention following a chain of resignations by members of the NY Philharmonic over the course of six months. Investigation revealed that 80% of those affected had committed suicide or encountered 'accidents' after resigning, and most of the remaining 20% showed signs of severe depression and anxiety. Investigation revealed that all victims had attended several parties at Mr. [REDACTED]'s house, and that roughly 70% were under review for possible removal from the Orchestra due to performance issues at the time of resignation. A Foundation team was sent in and acquired SCP-CCC under the pretense of a 'wealthy patron' in Europe desiring a private concert. Subject accepted and was transported to Site-██, with [DATA EXPUNGED]row off suspicion.

Experiments have determined that SCP-CCC gives off a constant low degree of unknown radiation from all parts of its body. Prolonged exposure to this radiation causes severe changes in the patter-finding and emotional portions of the brain. The tangible result of this is a heavy aversion to any form of music or rhythmic expression. In later stages this extends to rhythms in the human voice. Degrees of aversion can range from mild annoyance to physical agony at the sound of a pattern-discernable instrumental or vocal piece, but the degree seems to vary to the exact point where the individual desires to stay away from music altogether. Heavily musical staff are not to be brought into contact with SCP-CCC, as such staff have committed suicide in the past after extended exposure to SCP-CCC.

Addendum CCC-A: List of interviews with SCP-CCC

SCP-DDD-1 upon acquisition, with portions of SCP-DDD-2 visible in the background

Item #: SCP-DDD

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-DDD-1 is to be covered by a tarp at all times, with the corners of the tarp firmly anchored in the surrounding stone. Personnel who wish to utilize SCP-DDD-1 are advised that translation is one-way and that difficulties with travel outside of the immediate vicinity will be heavily evident for personnel whose feet or legs are translated. As SCP-DDD-1 and DDD-2 are both structural phenomena, no other procedures are necessary. Prostheses are available for personnel who lose their dominant hand as a result of translation.

Description: SCP-DDD-1 is a freestanding stone arch located within SCP-DDD-2, the ruins of a Roman city found in █████. The city is identified in maps of the period as [LOCATION REDACTED], and examination of regional folklore reveals legends of residents with symptoms similar to the documented effects of SCP-DDD-1.

When a human being walks through SCP-DDD-1 while the sun is visible through the arch, between one and three body parts vanish. Documented vanishings tend towards the following groups, in order from greatest to least frequency: Left or right arm above the elbow, either arm below the elbow, either hand at the wrist, either leg above the knee, either leg below the knee, either foot at the ankle, torso (Spine and ribcage below the neck, extending to the pelvis but not below), or waist (area around the pelvis). Subjects whose body parts have been vanished in this fashion function as if the body part in question was still present in regards to physical effort and locomotion (Ref. Subject DDD-1-43, both legs below the knee vanished on ██-██-19██, subject placed 2nd in Site-14 100m Sprint on ██-██-20██), though loss of hands and feet still makes manipulation and locomotion more difficult or impossible. The connective areas around the vanished body part appear as mutilated stumps (injuries are invariably consistent with damage inflicted by a bladed weapon) for approximately 3.7 minutes after translation, at which point the areas heal into stumps over a period of .52 seconds (usually less, maximum healing time is present only in cases of torso translation.) Subjects report no pain from the affected areas, and descriptions of sensation around the translation 'wounds' is consistent with well-healed amputation sites.

SCP-DDD-2 is the area of land in a .7 km radius around SCP-DDD-1. While within this radius, subjects who have passed through SCP-DDD-1 function as if all vanished limbs were present and corporeal. In addition, subjects whose feet have been vanished describe the ruins' texture as if it were a vibrant city. It is theorized that wherever the vanished limbs go is several centuries in the past relative to our temporal position, and that the feet of subjects within the radius of SCP-DDD-2 are in fact walking in the city as it was while intact and inhabited.

Addendum DDD-A: It has come to my attention that someone moved the men's room Port-O-San into a stairwell-hollow that wasn't there in 1200. Kindly replace it in its previous position, I don't like using the woods. -Dr. █████

Addendum DDD-B: Personnel are reminded that vanished body parts are randomly selected, and that attempting to pass through multiple times in order to "cosplay Rayman" is frowned upon, as shown in the disciplinary log for Research Assistant ██████████ -Dr. █████

Partial photograph of SCP-EEE-Alpha

Item #: SCP-EEE

Object Class: Euclid (Keter classification pending)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-EEE-Alpha is presently contained within a large body of ice and appears incapable of physical escape. Field Team Chi-17 "Icemen" are to monitor the location of SCP-EEE-Alpha and report any significant change in the thickness of the ice. Specimens of SCP-EEE-Beta are to be terminated on sight. All government entities not already aware of the Foundation have been given the cover story that specimens are members of a terrorist organization whose initiation rites are sufficiently illegal to warrant summary execution.

In the event that SCP-EEE-Alpha makes contact through any specimen of SCP-EEE-Beta, the resultant interview is to be transcribed prior to the termination of all involved personnel in order to avoid creating further instances of SCP-EEE-Beta. In the event any portion of SCP-EEE-Alpha becomes exposed to open air, any measures needed to assure its destruction or retreat further into the ice are acceptable up to and including events that may result in an LK-class Localized Apocalypse.

Description: SCP-EEE-Alpha is a living, sapient being encased in a mountain of ice around the 81st North Parallel (longitude classified). Its form, species, and intent are currently unknown. SCP-EEE-Alpha is a possibly-malevolent being intent upon escaping the mountain it is encased in and "returning home" (see Interview EEE-17). The mountain has shrunk in diameter by 5[DATA EXPUNGED]ters thick. Melting of the ice appears to have a linear relationship to the number of specimens of SCP-EEE-Beta currently living.

Specimens of SCP-EEE-Beta are created when a human being comes into possession of a detailed image or description of SCP-EEE-Alpha's actual form. The mental transition from a normal human to SCP-EEE-Beta takes place over approximately twelve to fourteen hours. Specimens show a fanatical devotion to SCP-EEE-Alpha and refer to it as "Father" or their linguistic equivalent, and will attempt to describe it to any human they come across with great enthusiasm and suicidal disregard to their own wellbeing.

Specimens of SCP-EEE-Beta have several times been acquired by the Foundation, and when so captured claim to act as vessels for "Father's voice." It is assumed that SCP-EEE-Alpha has some manner of assuming direct control of individual specimens of SCP-EEE-Beta, as Beta specimens consistently begin to claim to be SCP-EEE-Alpha after it is clear that they are being interrogated. Beta specimens consistently expire of massive brain hemorrhage at the conclusion of interviews.

Addendum: Interviews with Beta specimens/SCP-EEE-Alpha

A common illusion manifested by SCP-FFF-2

Item #: SCP-FFF

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its unwillingness or inability to move outside of desert areas, SCP-FFF-1 needs no containment methods other than an observational team to track its movements. While containment is impossible, the appearance of SCP-FFF-1 is similar enough to a common desert mirage that sightings will invariably be reported as such. SCP-FFF-2 is more erratic, and care must be taken to avoid a security breach. In order to avoid uncharted migration, a vessel containing at least thirty (30) D-class must be directed into the center of SCP-FFF-2 on a biweekly basis. Vessels used to feed SCP-FFF-2 are not to be retrieved until all illusions have ceased and life-signs are no longer present onboard the feeding vessel. If a feeding is missed, or if SCP-FFF-2 begins a migration pattern as described in Document FFF-2-A, Task Force Echo-7 ("Fishermen") are to be deployed from all major port cities in the ocean it was last recorded in. 24-hour operation is required until SCP-FFF-2 is relocated. Feedings are to take place weekly for a period of no less than three (3) months following such an event. In the event SCP-FFF-1 and SCP-FFF-2 move within 30 km of each other, preparations are to begin for a possible █K-class scenario.

Personnel who observe SCP-FFF-2 or are placed on watch duty for more than 5 days are to undergo a full psychological examination prior to returning to duty. Vessels assigned to SCP-FFF-2 are required to have Class A and B amnesiacs aboard at all times, and are to administer the latter to all nonessential personnel within 12 hours of each feeding cycle. Class A amnesiacs are to be used in the event of containment failure or memetic infection, and onboard explosives are to be detonated if any vessel leaves preplanned routes in order to approach SCP-FFF-2.

If either specimen of SCP-FFF approaches the desert or ocean dial-points of SCP-120, specifically Locations 1, 6, or 7, on-site personnel at Command-██ are to be notified immediately. If SCP-FFF-2 migrates to Location 1, feeding is to discontinue and search protocols initiated immediately to encourage its departure. In addition, the SCPS Demeter is to be evacuated until SCP-FFF-2 leaves. If SCP-FFF-1 migrates to Locations 6 or 7, on-site personnel are to be advised of its presence and are to stay within the outpost and keep well-hydrated until SCP-FFF-1 departs.

Description: SCP-FFF-1 is an organism roughly 7 km in diameter and 2 km tall at its highest point. In the ██ years since the Foundation learned of SCP-FFF-1's existence it has never left a desert environment, and has only twice ventured outside of the Sahara desert. Its means of locomotion is unknown, though when it makes a drastic shift in location (generally several hundred miles across a desert, or a shift to a different desert entirely) the start and end points are always sunlit. To all current indications it is completely benign and is not a memetic hazard in any way unless persons viewing its hide have gone at least three (3) consecutive days without water. In this circumstance, individuals experience a powerful compulsion to move towards SCP-FFF-1, indicating through gestures and verbal communication that they perceive SCP-FFF-1 as being an area within which is located a lake, oasis, river, or otherwise water-filled location. Subjects who are allowed to enter the vicinity of SCP-FFF-1 attempt to make contact with it, and if successful will enter the organism's body, at which point their life signs disappear and all forms of tracking either cease to function or begin displaying wildly inaccurate readings. Subjects generally reappear from SCP-FFF-1 after three to five days (with 20% remaining inside or not exiting at all), and are invariably well-rested and healthy (though pre-existing medical conditions are still present, and subjects who enter SCP-FFF-1 more than once are only retrieved 40% of the time, and no subject has ever returned from a third trip into SCP-FFF-1.) Subjects who are given 16 fl oz of water or some other liquid are able to resist the compulsion to interact with SCP-FFF-1.

As SCP-FFF-1 has never caused the direct death of any personnel, avoids inhabited areas, and does not venture outside of desert areas (and rarely leaves the Sahara), it is classified as Safe.

SCP-FFF-2, same thing as 1 except mirage ghost fleet, compulsion to enter kills you, malicious travel, doesn't avoid populated areas, Keter because it kills and makes you want to enter it, strike out lack of communication and add 'STOPSTOPSTOPSTOP etc.' via flag-signs.

Photograph of electronic surveillance of SCP-GGG-097, 099, 104, and 112

Item #: SCP-GGG

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-GGG have been extremely cooperative in containment efforts, and are classified as Safe due to their voluntary vows of silence. Personnel are to wear smoked visors that restrict vision by at least 15% and are not to speak with or make physical contact with specimens of SCP-GGG under any circumstance. Following incident GGG-17, SCP-GGG has been upgraded to Keter. All escaped specimens are to be shot on sight. Foundation personnel are not to interact with or attempt to reason with specimens in any way. All civilians within tactile distance of a specimen or that enter tactile distance between visual confirmation and termination are to be placed under Foundation custody and terminated if not apprehended on time. Civilian deaths can be excused as collateral, or 'infections' if witnesses corroborate deliberate intent. All worldwide media outlets are to report SCP-GGG as a rogue terrorist, rebel sympathizer/leader, or similar appropriate story armed with a bioweapon capable of spreading by skin-to-skin contact to ensure locals stay away. All Foundation personnel assigned to memetic or psychic SCPs are to immediately begin research into possible application for mental mass-trauma. SCP-GGG now constitutes a █K-Class Level 8 Security Breach. All specimens are to be terminated at the earliest possible opportunity.

Description: SCP-GGG is a group of currently-unknown size composed of physically and genetically identical females who refer to themselves by various names. All specimens secrete a chemical toxin from their pores that is chemically similar to a complex phosphoric acid (SCP-GGG-A). This chemical has a Ph of exactly 7 and does not react with any tested chemicals, though its effects are different upon contact with human skin.

Any living human, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, that makes physical contact with a specimen of SCP-GGG will be physically and genetically altered into an exact copy of SCP-GGG within half an hour, referring to themselves with a feminine version of their name or, if already female, as 'Patricia.' Specimens of SCP-GGG retain all knowledge of their former life and look on their transformation as a positive one. Newly-created specimens begin secreting SCP-GGG-A within six hours of transformation. All specimens are incapable of communicating in any platonic manner, and vocal and physical communication is always geared towards convincing noninfected observers to make physical contact with a specimen. Specimens are able to communicate normally through writing, and have expressed confusion at this inability to normally speak with others, as well as informing Foundation personnel that they share something of a hive-mind. This is unverified, but if it is confirmed SCP-GGG will be reclassified as a █K-Class Level 4 Security Risk and all specimens less one will be euthanized, with the remaining specimen to be kept in suspended animation indefinitely. The hive-mind nature of SCP-GGG has been confirmed as of Incident GGG-17. SCP-GGG is hereby classified as a █K-Class Level 8 Security Breach and should be treated as such. Please refer to revised containment protocols. Until Incident GGG-17, all copies of SCP-GGG voluntarily refrained from contact with foundation personnel and placed themselves at Foundation disposal for testing, stating through writing that they knew nothing of themselves.

Incident Report GGG-17

On [DATE REDACTED], all specimens of SCP-GGG began acting in unison. Specimens 42, 109, and 211 (formerly Dr. ███████, Dr. ███, and Dr. ███████████) input the proper security codes for the containment cell, and all specimens began escaping at a rapid pace, running towards ever exit to the building and infecting ███ personnel during escape, including [DATA EXPUNGED] and 3███ D-Class. ███ specimens were contained by Foundation personnel in full-body hazard suits, with ███ being terminated during recapture and all remaining terminated post-incident. ███ escaped Foundation custody, and all Foundation sites have been alerted to these escapees. By best estimate, ██ of the escaped specimens are former Foundation employees with intimate knowledge of Foundation policy and locations. It is imperative that all specimens be destroyed as soon as possible. Contact has been made with the governments of [DATA EXPUNGED] agreed to declare [DATA EXPUNGED]cessary.

SCP-HHH, bottom center

Item #: SCP-HHH

Object Class: Safe/Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Guards are to be posted to ensure civilians do not enter the building which SCP-HHH manifests within during the day. Individual Scenes (see attached documentation) warrant specific containment procedures, refer to Document HHH-1: Scenes for details. Guards and other security measures are not currently necessary, documentation of Scenes will be retained in case neutralization measures are bypassed or in case HHH-1 manifests elsewhere in the building.

Description: SCP-HHH consists of: three fixed objects in [LOCATION REDACTED], designated HHH-1/2/3; an unknown number of locations on this planet, currently enumerated at ████, collectively designated HHH-4A; a likewise-unknown number of extraterrestrial locations, currently enumerated at ██, collectively designated HHH-4B; and any individuals who interact with SCP-HHH in any way, designated individually in incident logs.

SCP-HHH-1 is an abandoned motion picture set in [LOCATION REDACTED]. The area of the effect itself is roughly cubic in shape and measures twelve meters on a side. SCP-HHH-1 is designated in the remainder of this file and in all attached files as the "Set." SCP-HHH-2 is a director's chair with hands-free megaphone cemented to the floor outside the Set. SCP-HHH-2 is henceforth referred to as the "Chair." SCP-HHH-3 is a cinematic camera likewise cemented to the floor outside the Set, and positioned in order to display the entire Set at once. SCP-HHH-3 is henceforth referred to as the "Camera."

Prior to neutralization, SCP-HHH-2 was required to activate SCP-HHH-1

SCP-III after hatching

Item #: SCP-III

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Larval specimens of SCP-III are to be contained within a humid room constructed in such a way that no door or window has enough space that a specimen can escape. Mature specimens of SCP-III have no anomalous properties and may be safely destroyed or used for lab work. Due to the method in which juvenile specimens of SCP-III gain sustenance, no mature specimens are to be removed from the containment room. A 1dm3 block of nutrient-rich silt is to be placed in the containment room on a biweekly basis.

Description: SCP-III is a group of Rana sylvatica, currently containing roughly 1200 specimens. Mature specimens of SCP-III are nearly identical to normal, healthy Wood Frogs, though they uniformly lack reproductive organs. Juvenile specimens of SCP-III are genetically identical to Wood Frog tadpoles, though for reasons not yet fully understood all non-adult specimens of SCP-III are air-based rather than water-based, swimming through thin air similar to their water-based brethren. Likewise, juvenile specimens of SCP-III are the only stage of the group capable of reproduction: After a specimen's legs have fully emerged, the tail will rapidly shrink and form into a small jelly-coated egg, which will break off of the specimen when it matures. At this point the mature SCP-III specimen drops out of the air and behaves normally for several hours before expiring.

When first acquired by the Foundation, it was unknown how an air-based form of tadpole could gain the nourishment that water-based tadpoles normally acquire through gill-filters. Observation soon revealed that juvenile specimens cannibalize the corpses of their adult counterparts. Other than the fact that this involves repeatedly swimming in and out of the mouth of the adult's corpse after it has begun to rot, nothing is known about this process.

Other Ideas

Just some stuff I've thought up, basic concepts or names alone, maybe some pix that I found that might be interesting to build one off of. Steal the ones not bolded if you like, they're the ones I haven't developed any coherent idea for. Italics are for potential Anomalous Items. Don't steal the italics. Don't critique anything.

  • Mandelbrot Universe, enter through a picture and walk a fractal plain with infinite space, step backwards to exit
  • De-Aging Calendar/anti-aging cream
  • Cthulu Headphones/Earbuds too cliche, insanity doesn't work and tentacles in the ear are just the wrong kind of creep
  • something involving Reader's Digest, possibly a constant-up-to-date one
  • Empty book that turns into a copy of whatever book title is written on its cover, text-only, people who read it gradually lose the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction, might remove side-effect and make it an Anomalous Item
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