DoctorSkarr's Wondertainment ideas

Subject name: Master's ninja suit
SCP ID #: 1532
Object class: safe

special containment procedures: Keep in fireproof safe at site-██. A researcher must send a memo to Doctor Skarr before any attempt to retrieve SCP-1532. Under no circumstances should SCP-1532-2 be given to a D-class personnel who has been imprisoned for murder, assault or any type of violence to another person.

Description: SCP-1532 is two sets of two items each: A black martial artist's uniform of indestructible unidentified material with a mask covering all of the face, albeit for the eyes(SCP-1532-1), and two simple blackened steel scabbards meant to fit across the shoulder, fitting a traditional Katana but fitting any sword that is inserted. Additionally, any blade that is inserted is unsheathed sharpened. A tag on the front folds of the jackets read “Doctor Wondertainment's Master's Ninja Suit©!”. When worn, the suits will always fit perfectly, and causes the wearer to take an oath of silence beyond known human form, the user not making any sounds when interacting with the rest of the world.

SCP-1533-2 are two eight (8) feet long black belts with dark Japanese pictographs at the ends, made out of said unknown material. When tying SCP-1532-2, the belt will always fit and by voluntary movement of the person tying it, wrap it around the waist three(3) times, loop the end to the right of the person under the belt and then tie a half-hitch knot, regardless if the person knew how. When SCP-1532-2 is worn, the user will have skills if they had been training and fighting for decades in:
Kung fu
Tae kwondo
Street fighting

The effects noted when SCP-1532-1 and SCP-1532-2 are worn together are:
A “mission” is given to the user, usually giving the person the identity of a person, always someone they know, and the task to murder them.
The second suit and belt, the second being the one worn after the first one is donned, will be given the mission of defending said person.
When encountering each other, both will become intensely hostile despite past relations. However, if both are wearing SCP-1532, they will begin an impressive combat, and due to their equal level, will always end in a draw.

SCP-1532 was first discovered when Doctor Skarr was going to a cafe for social reasons, and noted two ninjas in a nearby street, one fighting with a katana, the other his hands. When a person tried to intervene [DATA EXPUNGED] casualties [DATA EXPUNGED]started attacking any sentient form in a certain radius[DATA EXPUNGED] sedated successfully, woke during transit and attempted to[DATA EXPUNGED]SCP-1532-2 and SCP-1532-1 were then safely removed. A manual was recovered, merely a simple sheet of paper with three pages of copyright claims. The front page reads “HEY, SPORT! Want to be a ninja, to take it to the level of battle? Then just follow these steps!
Get a friend to put on one of the suits!
Then, put the other one on, OR you could put yours on first!
Then, wait for the place to battle at to show up in your mind, and meet there!
WARNING: Under no circumstances should you put suits on in the same room, or should any person interrupt your battle. Doctor Wondertainment is not responsible for any incapacitation or death to or from the user.

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