Doggie (expanded)
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Figure A: Still frame taken from surveillance footage of subject's room

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Victims of the phenomenon SCP-XXXX are encouraged to seek psychiatric help, though because of the relatively benign nature of the attacks, no emergency containment procedures are in effect at this time.

UPDATE: Due to the extreme nature of SCP-XXXX-1, SCP-XXXX's class has been changed to Euclid. At this time, SCP-XXXX is contained within SCP-XXXX-1 and will stay there until a more practical containment protocol can be found.


Discussions regarding whether SCP-XXXX is a phenomenon or a being tend to end poorly, but inarguable similarities between each case study provide evidence that SCP-XXXX is in fact a sentient creature.

SCP-XXXX is a parasitic incubus that inhabits the victim’s dream. Its appearance seems to vary slightly based on the recipient of the possession. Generally, it is described as a humanoid with an arched back, an oversized jaw and no hind legs. It also has disproportionately large teeth and genitals.

There have been a reported ██ attacks, though it’s estimated that the number of unreported attacks is much higher than this.

SCP-XXXX is generally found in pleasant dreams, and it usually takes the form of something that the subject has affectionate feelings for, in most cases a pet or a lover. For this reason, agents have nicknamed SCP-XXXX “doggy” or “heartbreaker”, respectively.

Its mimicry is imperfect; it can only prescribe to the feelings of those affections. It cannot actually change its appearance.

In their dreams, subjects may be coerced into cuddling with SCP-XXXX, petting it, and in some extreme cases, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Over the course of its visits, SCP-XXXX bonds with the subject until it eventually undergoes a process that we have called “pooling” or “soft-breeding.”

Subjects often wake up with feelings of deep regret, shame, and depression. If soft-breeding occurs, these feelings are irreversible, which seems to support the theory that SCP-XXXX consumes the emotions of those it comes into contact with.

Addendum XXXX-a:
Interviewed: ████ █████
Interviewer: Agent ████

Foreword: One ████ █████ came to Agent ████’s office for psychological help, or in her own words “a friend to talk to”

Agent ████: So how are we feeling, Ms. █████?
████: Oh… I… I don’t know… I… I had this… horrible dream.
Agent ████: A nightmare?
████: It… I wish it had been. I… I enjoyed it… I actually enjoyed it…
Agent ████: Please explain.
████: There was this dog… but it wasn’t a dog, it was kind of like… a guy… And he… he just… he came up to me and started licking my hands… and… oh god… [Inaudible, at this point the interviewed begins sobbing.]
Agent ████: Hey, hey, shhh… calm down. Just talk to me.
████: It made me feel so… special…
Agent ████: What exactly happened?
████: Its voice… its… It stroked my cheek… and it started… it was… licking me. And when it licked me, the skin got all soft… and it just pressed its hand into [DATA EXPUNGED] his voice was so deep… and all I can remember is his fingers feeling me up… inside of me… and coming out of my mouth…(more sobbing)
Agent ████: And you say this wasn’t a nightmare?
████: When I woke up… I’d… I’d… ruined my… ruined my sheets… filthy, disgusting… (Subject is heard banging her head against the table) It tore me apart… bit by bit… and I liked it, why did I like it…
Agent ████: Hey, calm down, calm down.
████: He just kept looking at me… smiling…
Agent ████: Shh… shh… it's okay…

The subject has since developed an untreatable depression and a severe case of insomnia. She is currently being studied and treated at Site-21. She has no memory of her encounters with SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-b:

Subject ████ █████ has started sleeping again. This development initially caused relief among staff, but now she is oversleeping by several hours every day; an alarming amount. Her depression has not gotten any better and she refuses to talk to any staff, not even Agent ████. Attempts to study Ms. █████ have been fruitless, as she seems to deny any knowledge of SCP-XXXX, or in her own words “I don’t dream.” Agent ████ is very concerned.

Addendum XXXX-c:

A note has been found under Subject ████ █████’s bed with the phrase “It loves you, it makes you special inside. It [DATA EXPUNGED]” in her own handwriting.

A surveillance system has been put into effect in subject’s room without her knowledge.

Addendum XXXX-d:

The surveillance system has observed the subject [DATA EXPUNGED]. Requests to change SCP-XXXX’s status to Euclid have been sent. SCP-XXXX is to be sedated and restrained in her quarters.

Addendum XXXX-e*:

████ █████ now carries SCP-XXXX, and is to be referred to as SCP-XXXX-1.

Subject is extremely dangerous and should be kept in stasis at all times unless testing protocols require otherwise. Subject is extremely hostile when conscious, and has attempted [REDACTED] on numerous agents who have tried calming her down. It is suspected that SCP-XXXX is trying to escape and may be starving for affection, as SCP-XXXX-1 has clearly shown that she can no longer feel anything. Whether we can still call her human is up for debate, but keeping her alive is the only thing stopping SCP-XXXX from [DATA EXPUNGED]

D-Class agents sent to study SCP-XXXX-1 reported a sticky, moss-colored fluid on her bed. Researches testing the fluid have found trace amounts of █████████ and ████████. Otherwise, the substance is mostly feces and sterile eggs. Paint has started peeling off the walls of subject's room. The fumes from this substance may be to blame for this, as many personal have requested breathing apparatuses following its discovery.

Brain scans indicate that she is in a constant and extreme state of [DATA EXPUNGED]. While killing her would be humane, it is too risky to allow SCP-XXXX to leave her body.

Her face… it's starting to change, I… I can't even believe it, it's changing her genetic makeup. Last night we forgot to change her sedative and she woke up screaming… "He's making me do it, please go make him stop… this isn't fun any more, make it stop, please make him stop!" she said.

I swear, when she got up, her fingers must have grown about 4 inches. She tore out a colleague's throat before we could get her sedated again. She may be pregnant, as her stomach has shown signs of bloating. Then again, that could be because she's been holding in [REDACTED] for several weeks. For her sake, I hope she's pregnant. At least then we'll have a reason to put her out of her misery. If it's the other thing, well… I'm sure she'll die from infection sooner or later.


Figure B: Still frame taken from surveillance footage of subject's room during the attack

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