This is my sandbox. Welcome to inner workings of my brain.

Works in Progress

SCP Articles

  • Another SCP attempt, introducing a GOI I came up with.
  • An -EX article, about a cursed diamond.
  • Kind of an attempt to do Bright's Challenge 5. Had the idea, then realized it would fit in well with the challenge. A reversal of 055.

Foundation Tales

  • The first tale I started working on (but not the first published to the site), set in the Bellerverse. Not Yet First draft Complete.

Now found on Sandbox 2

  • An entry in the proposed collaborative Project Heimdall, about Foundation contingency plans in the even of an alien invasion. Starting by looking at potential weapon systems, specifically orbital kinetic bombardment.


Consider this section a kind of "Behind the Scenes" look at my writing for the site, like a DVD commentary. They are here for posterity's sake.

These are the stories and articles that I've thrown at the main wiki and managed to make stick. I've added commentary as to my thought process and motivations while writing them.


  • The first tale I posted to the main site, set in Mann's Bellerverse.
  • A confrontation between Pesterbot and Robo-Dude.

These are my failures, the things I've posted that weren't well received and didn't last long on the site.

  • My first SCP attempt. I intend to rewrite it at some point.

These are things I never intended to post.

  • Another Bellerverse tale. Didn't like the way this one turned out, but I liked the hook, so I will probably try and work it into a different story.
  • This was an attempt to adapt the Malaysian myth of the Penanggalan into an SCP. Then I found out that spikebrennan had already written one, SCP-1060. D'oh. So then I turned it into a rewrite as a writing exercise purely for my own sake.

Notes to myself of things that inspired me about ideas for SCPs or tales or whatever.

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