Dr. Absin

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…."

Item #: SCP-###

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-### is to be put into a sealed vault in Site ██, with access restricted unless authorized by level 3 personnel only. A cover of any type of soft fabric should be draped over SCP-### to cover reflective surface. All experiments should be conducted on D-class personnel and authorized fauna. Should any Foundation personnel be affected by SCP-###, immediate surgery should be administered to the personnel to eliminate vision. Affected personnel should also be put though psychological therapy till the affects of SCP-### are mitigated. Class-D personnel who are affected by SCP-### should be terminated upon completion of all experiments.

Description: SCP-###is a Victorian-era ellipsoid mirror, 2 meters at its highest point and and 1 meter at its widest. The mirror is lined by a gold frame with a sculpture of a witch and a princess at the top of the frame. A crack runs down the reflective glass and splits in two half way down the mirror.

SCP-### was discovered by Agent █████ near Portsmouth, England. Agent █████ heard reports of "strange" events happening around a newly vacated mansion in the area. Upon investigation of manor, found that every mirror in the manor was shattered. Upon discovery of SCP-###. Agent █████ was immediately affected by it.

When a person looks into the reflective surface of SCP-### what they see is a deformed version of their head. Victims of SCP-### described their appearance as "grotesque" and "disgusting". When asked to elaborate on appearance, the infected persons that were willing to describe more in detail told researchers that most of their hair on their head was gone, replaced by massive boils that were oozing puss. Their faces were unrecognizable, with the nose swollen and broken, as well as cheeks, neck and lips also having boils and cysts. However, to any observer of the affected person, they look the same. No changes in any facial features are seen. After a person has viewed themselves in SCP-###, they will continue to see this "grotesque" appearance in any other reflective surface, i.e plain mirror, pool of water, reflective metals. This affect also carries on to other sensory organs, such as feel and smell. Psychological effects are yet unknown to be caused by SCP-### or are just bi-products of the "reflection".

The effects of SCP-### are only created when a person looks at the reflective surface with their face or head visible. Experiments have shown that if a person views another person in the mirror the effects are null, nor can they view the effects of SCP-### if the other person is infected. Likewise is the result if a person views any part of their body below the neck.

Most personnel affected by SCP-### go into a fit of extreme rage or sadness when first exposed to SCP-### and these symptoms are worsened when exposed to another form of reflective surface, presumably caused by denial of effects until verified by other reflective surface. All affected personnel will avoid being seen by others at all cost. A majority of infected will try to commit suicide within a month of exposure unless intensive psychological therapy is administered. Most infected will also try to slice their face with a sharp object or claw their face if a sharp object is not within reach.

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