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SCP-XXX-4 during Containment Breach-XXX-1

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: Members of SCP-XXX are to be contained in standard 2x2x2 meter animal containment cages in Area 17. The wing containing SCP-XXX is to be lit only by 100 lumen emergency lamps, and all personnel assigned to SCP-XXX are to be issued AN/PVS-7B/D Night Vision Goggles and TASER X26 stun guns. SCP-XXX specimens are to be fed 5kg of fresh meat once a day.

Description: SCP-XXX is a species of predatory humanoid mammals native to [BlackBoxes here]. SCP-XXX's anomalous properties manifest when exposed to visible light over 200 lumens. Upon exposure, specimens of SCP-XXX will leave the visible spectrum and only be visible at wavelengths above 950nm. Specimens have been known toprey1 and attempt to incapacitate consume them. SCP-XXX is extremely fast for its size, being capable of moving faster than 15 km/hr, and is capable of taking diwn prey much larger than itself. Members of SCP-XXX display a pack mentality, and will often group together to attack prey.

Addendum:There are currently 5 3 specimens of SCP-XXX in Foundation control. Due to the rarity of SCP-XXX specimens, no testing that will result in death or critical injury of the subject is currently allowed. During a containment breach, lethal force is only authorized as a last resort after non-lethal containment procedures have failed. MTF Chi-7 ("Spotlight Specialists") is currently tasked with recovering further specimens of SCP-XXX for study.

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