Dr. Armstrong
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Image of subject taken from the █████████ Police Department

Item #: SCP-1808

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The chamber containing SCP-1808 is constructed in standard Faraday cage style to prevent any form of wireless internet signal, or the subject's own abilities from entering or leaving the containment chamber.

SCP-1808 is not permitted to leave the containment chamber under any circumstances unless being transported in a mobile cell specially constructed to block and contain electromagnetic waves. Once nightly, 2 armed security personnel are to deliver a laptop computer or similar device, completely incapable of wireless internet access and pre-loaded with various media selections. Power to both the containment chamber and observation room's lighting and electronics is to be supplied from nearby generators exclusive to both the containment chamber and the observation room. One CCTV camera connecting to the observation room is to be active at all times. Any interference from SCP-1808 with the camera or generators is to be punished with the withholding of nightly stimuli.

No unapproved electronic devices, powered or unpowered, are to be brought in to the containment chamber at any time. No unapproved devices are to be connected to either of the on-site generators.

Description: SCP-1808 is a Caucasian male, 19 years of age, height of 1.7 meters, weighing 62 kilograms. It has demonstrated the ability to manipulate a multitude of electronic devices including, but not limited to televisions, computers, cellular phones, and portable music players. Its abilities seem to extend to devices down to the electric currents, and the subject has attempted to sabotage personnel-owned electronic devices through the burning out of circuitry, overheating of batteries, and the crashing of software. Testing has shown that the effective radius of its abilities is 5.9 meters and that standard Faraday cages are completely effective in blocking all communications.

The subject has been observed "communicating" with supplied electronic devices in a mixture of unintelligible mumbling and rapid tongue-clicking. The subject seems to assign invented personas to each object, and the observation of these devices in mid "conversation" does not indicate that they are reciprocating communication or displaying personality traits in any way. If SCP-1808 is deprived of contact with any device for a period of 20 or more hours, it will begin to displays signs of severe agitation including, mild insomnia, night terrors, catatonia, and attempts at self harm. The subject can be placated with a laptop or similar device as detailed in the containment procedures.

SCP-1808 also displays behavior patterns consistent with borderline personality disorder, kleptomania, and bipolar disorder, as well as violent outbursts towards foundation personnel. Therefore, authorization for cross-testing with electronic objects has been denied.

Recovery Log: SCP-1808, then known as █████ ████, first came to attention of the foundation when he was arrested by the █████████ Police Department as a suspect in a string of ATM robberies. Approximately two (2) hours after incarceration the police station lost all power and, upon inspection, it was revealed that the backup generator had been irreparably damaged. SCP-1808's existence was brought to the attention of nearby agents when the local newspaper ran a story on the recent “power surge”.

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