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Item #: SCP-XXX "Sleepy Hollow"

Object Class Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP requires a security team at Site-██ at all times. In light of incident A-24, newly designated Mobile Task Force Na-3, a.k.a. "Night Hawks", shall be the main security force. (See Addendum XXX-A for member requirements.) Civilians attempting to enter the site will be sent back without lethal force. Civilian breaches will not be terminated, and upon awakening be inducted as test subjects into the SCP until necessary observations are made. At this point they will be administered Class-B amnesiacs and returned to society.

Description SCP-XXX is an area of land roughly 5 sq. km. in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The land itself contains no anomalous properties, and both geological and ecological surveys have concluded the land to be consistent with the local geography. However, the area appears to have a hypnotic affect on those who venture within a range of varying size. In addition, the area has been noted to have increased levels of fog. Compasses have reported to behave erratically, and GPS systems frequently lose contact with satellites, even with clear views of the sky. Teams have reported feelings of "going around in circles" or claims of hearing voices and seeing figures in the shadows.

Upon entering said range, individuals will attempt to make their way to XXX-1, a small grove in the forest. Attempts to divert individuals (hence called "sleepers") prove difficult, with most attempts failing. (In one case, force was used on the subject, requiring hospitalization for broken legs. Subject was reported to have suffered extreme insomnia for 6 weeks afterwards.) Sleepers will appeared dazed, and will make statements of a want to travel towards the hollow, such as "The trail leads this way" or "There's a great view just over the ridge." (Investigation has found no actively used/mapped trail pre-Foundation presence, or any scenic view area). The specimen can be considered active once a sleeper enters the hollow. Within 3 hours of entering they will be asleep. Any and all attempts to wake them prove futile See addendum XXX-B for test results.

Subjects who follow sleepers will be subjected to one of two three outcomes. Outcome A results in the subject becoming dazed and classified as a sleeper themselves. Outcome B will result in the subject not being affected, and entering the hollow to find immense amounts of fog, and however many sleepers are currently at rest. Note-Odds of Outcome B occurring in the average human is less than 5%. These odds increase in those with high levels of caffeine or reversed biological clocks (a.k.a night owls). In the rare event of Outcome C, the subject(s) will display intense aggression, which has resulted in two (2) case of [REDACTED]. The outcome of these events have been publically attributed to a serial killer who was sentenced to death (3) months after the second incident. To date, Outcome C has occured 4 times.

Once unconscious, sleepers will not awake for a period between 6 months to 20 years. Their metabolism will slow to a state similar to a bear's hibernation, although malnourishment and dehydration are not observed. Large increases in REM sleep are noted, which results in sleepers reporting (upon awakening) that they experienced intense dream sequences. Their body will continue to physically grow, resulting in ill-fitting clothing and, for men, an excess of facial hair. Upon awakening, the sleepers will be ignorant to the amount of time having passed, and, baffled by the various changes around them (bodily and natural changes, such as different seasons), will attempt to make their way down the mountain towards civilization. Within the hollow, sleepers will appear to not notice any other humans.

While sleeping, sleepers will usually remain still, and any sleep related medical conditions (i.e., apnea) are undetected. There are two exceptions-subjects who tended to sleepwalk will continue to do so, but remain within the grove. The other exception are sufferers of parasomnia. Sleepers with this condition have overwhelmingly exhibited urges to [REDACTED] other sleepers. Site members are advised to enter the grove and remove these sleepers before trauma is induced, if possible.

Subjects have reported having dreams that involve "little people" or dwarfs. The usual scenario is that the sleeper finds themselves in the grove during the day, with varying reports as to the scenery-estimates have shown that the sleepers' dreams will take place at different points over a 200 year period. The subjects will find the little people, who will encourage the sleeper to fraternize with them. At this point the dreams diverge, usually involving drinking, games of cards and 9-pins, or other assorted activities-to date the activity in question has shown no affect on the outcome or can be changed, although it is occasionally influenced by the sleeper's personality or preferred hobbies. All the dreams conclude with the person finally falling asleep for a nap or from drunkenness, and then waking up in reality.

Upon waking, the sleeper will return to a trance like state and begin to proceed down the mountain, often times whistling or calling a dog. The hollow's affect appears to wear off about a km from the grove, at which point the individual will revert to a dazed condition and act natural when confronted. Attempts to lead others back to the hollow appear to be fruitless, as the individuals soon become lost and eventually circle their way back to the base of the mountain. Upon returning to civilization, victims will experience confusion at any changes that might of occurred during their rest. (Businesses open and close, change in political atmosphere, births and deaths, etc.) Some will also experience mental and personality changes; see the experiment log for full details.

Discovery- SCP-XXX

SCP-XXX was first brought to the Foundation's attention in 19██, when an individual who had been reported missing in 18██ reappeared in the town of [REDACTED], New York, roughly 2.5 km from the current site's boundaries. The man, identifying himself as one Alexander Hoffington, claimed that he had simply gone for a hike 2 days prior when he found a grove the previous evening. His name, description and back-story matched that of an individual who had vanished 12 years prior on a hiking trip. When he awoke he found himself outside the grove in ill fitting clothing, with a rusted knife in his belt (he had set off with a brand new one bought 2 days prior to setting out). However, his story was claimed as a tall tale told by a madman, and was not thought of again. The subject lived on for another 18 years before dying of natural causes.

25 years later, a trio of woodsmen who had disappeared 5 years after the Hoffington incident appeared in 193█. They recounted similar experiences, which brought the incident to the Foundation's attention. The site was quartered off as a military installation and abandoned for 70 years.

In 20██ the site was reopened after a string of disappearances and reappearances by various individuals, and the apparent removal of all military facades securing it. Site ██ was established around, with a state park conservatory area designated as its cover.


In leiu of SCP-XXX's capabilities, the surrounding site shall be guarded and staffed by members of newly formed MTF Na-3 ("Night Hawks"). The unit is designed to deal with SCPs that affect sleep and cognivity. Members will train in night time operations, dealing with hallucinations and insomnia, and focus on staying awake for extended periods of time. Applicants should deal well under lack of sleep situations, be alert and cognitive at all times, and be able to recover specimens that otherwise proof difficult for capture )due to putting others asleep, creating real life dream sequences, and related conditions) Candidates with insomnia, reversed biological clocks, and high potency to caffinne will be looked upon favorably. Researchers not part of the scientific liason with MTF Na-3 will be required to have an escort with them at all times while in Site-XX.

Memo from Dr. Ax: The criteria for unintentional sleepers? Yea, doesn't apply to Foundation personnel. I get reviewed on my first SCP, and Dr. Gerald ends up MIA for 8 months. Next time, drag them out of there, regardless of physical injury.

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