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Image of SCP-XXX aquired from Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be stored at Site-██ in a Standard Locker Unit. No other containment procedures are necessary due to the harmless nature of the object. Staff with at least Level 1 clearance can have access to SCP-XXX for tests provided prior notice is given to Dr. ████.

Description: SCP-XXX is a United States 25 cents coin, made in 1978. The coin conforms to all standards regarding the currency, no anomalies were found in the weight distribution or geometric properties of the item.

When object is used in games with two random outcomes, SCP-XXX seems to respond to the desire of the subject to win the game or bet. If the subject tossing the coin perceives the value of the bet bigger the coin will respond with a statistically less likely but more beneficial outcome.

Item was recovered from Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. during a raid in ██/██/19██. Captured operative of the group informed the Agent leading the operation that the organization has acquired the coin in ██/██/1981 from the collection of an unknown amateur numismatics enthusiast. According to the operative there is a possibility that the coin is not one of its kind so further investigation is pending until review of previous investigation reports have been completed.

The following statement was made by Dr. ██████, Level 4 researcher:

From: Dr. ██████
To: Site-██ personnel
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: Recreational use of SCP-XXX

It has come to my attention that some of the staff members have been using this item to make bets with newly recruited personnel. While I know the value of a good prank, SCP-XXX objects should not be used for frivolous gambles. Any personnel caught using SCP-XXX for purposes other than experimentation will be reprimanded.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 clearance should read attached experiment logs.

Experiment Log XXX-1:

Subjects were asked to play a 'heads or tails' game with SCP-XXX with different bets.

Subject: Agent ████
Bet: 10 USD
Description: Agent ████ was asked to flip the coin 10 times. If subject would manage to get ten (10) consecutive heads, he would win the bet.
Results: Subject achieved nine (9) heads and one (1) tail.

Subject: Agent ████
Bet: 100 USD
Description: Same results were expected from subject as above.
Result: Subject achieved ten (10) consecutive heads. Bet was payed out. Repeating this experiment several times proved to have the same results.

Subject: D-50928
Bet: Subject was told about termination procedures regarding D-class personnel. Subject was told that if he would manage to flip a hundred (100) consecutive tails, the termination order would be canceled and subject would be released after admission of Class A amnesiacs.
Description: Subject managed to flip a hundred (100) consecutive tails. When asked to repeat the same results (after promise was made for cancellation of the termination order) with no stakes, subject flipped 47 heads and 53 tails.
Note: Subject was executed according to the schedule. However, there was an incident resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Connection to SCP-XXX is under investigation.

Experiment Log XXX-2:

The second set of experiments was conducted using a modified version of the game '████████'. Instead of using a standard six sided dice, the coin was used in the following way: every head was worth one while tails where wort zero. All players flipped a coin assigned prior to them. One of the players was assigned SCP-XXX without the subjects knowledge.

The player with the object 'rolled' in 40% of the cases the most beneficial outcome, while in 35% of the 'rolls' were still considered a lucky outcome. But in later phases of the game (presumably due to the subject losing interest) the results weren't always beneficial. Even considering this 'ending fatigue' the player with SCP-XXX won the game.

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