Dr. Gravity
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Item: SCP-2176

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: Due to subject's advanced age and cooperative demeanor SCP-2176-A can be kept in a minimum security environment environment. Subject is currently being housed in a Class B medical suite at Humanoid Containment Site-06-3. As of ██/██/199█ SCP-2176-A has been placed under twenty-four (24) hour medical supervision, due to the subject's failing health1. In addition to the medical personnel, two plainclothes (2) guards are posted outside the medical suite.

There are no restrictions on when and where 2176-B can manifest, provided it does not interfere with Foundation business. Foundation personnel are encouraged to avoid unnecessary contact with 2176-B.

Under no circumstances are any Foundation personnel to attempt to physically harm SCP-2176-A. Doing so immediately triggers the manifestation of SCP-2176-C, leading to a Mike-Bravo-C event (see attached document detailing incident MB-C-1930).

SCP-2176-A is a one-hundred and five (105) year old Caucasian male

Notable Requests:

  • One (1) reproduction of SCP-2176-D. (denied, ██/██/193█ ), (denied, ██/██/195█), (approved, ██/██/199█ )
  • One (1) picture frame to hold SCP-2176-D (approved, ██/██/199█)
  • One (1) record player (approved, ██/██/197█). Replaced with a digital music player as of ██/██/200█
  • Collection of records, mostly music from the early 20th century. (approved, ██/██/197█) Music converted to MP3 and loaded into the music player.
  • One (1) window (denied, ██/██/199█ ).
  • Information about family (approved, ██/██/200█ ). Researchers investigated 2176-A's relatives, and presented him with the information. See interview log 2176-A-589 for further details.
  • To be killed (denied, ██/██/200█ )
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