Dr. Hydra

Full Name: Dr. Marty J. Castle, codenamed Hydra/Dr. Hydra (real name kept cladenstine except among Sector-7 staff)

Security Clearance: 3

Profession: Object Researcher, SCP Programs Manager, Sentient SCP Relations

Location: Research Sector-7

History: Marty J. Castle was born on █/██/1985 in the █████████ Hospital. Dr. Hydra graduated from ██████ University in █/██/19██ with honors after █ years of study with majors in Genetics and Anthropology and a minor in Engineering. He also took non-university courses in Botany. After graduation he worked for the university for █ years, but after researching a restricted conspiracy theory in which [DATA EXPUNGED], often paying hackers to crack national security sites to attempt to fnd informaiton, he was fired from the university and banned for life. Unfazed his termination from the university program, he started a private investigation under the codename Hydra, storing all findings in a database refered to as Hydra's Workshop and creating a website called Hydra's Lair, information documented on his site included [DATA EXPUNGED]

On █/█/████, SCP Foundation Automated Software Security Scans discovered Hydra's Lair. An insuing emergency followed as Hydra's Lair breached many SCP Foundation security protocols (see The Hydra Incident). After a board director meeting at Overwatch HQ, Act-317 was set in motion and Dr. Hydra was put through recruitment evaluation and joined the SCP ranks on ██/█/███. He has been a member of the SCP Foundation for █ years as of ██/█/2012. He is only allowed to go by his codename Dr. Hydra for security reasons (read Article-033), Hydra's real name is only accessable by Level 4 personel of Sector-7 and Level 5 personel of any location.

Note(s): We came as gods, for apparently we have the right to differentiate what is normal, and what is not. Something that has puzzled me a long time: Why is it that we humans feel we are the superior species? Top of the food chain? For wherever there is life, there is a hunter and a hunted, yet we seem to think that we can override that fact, we are able to contain what hunts us, effectively placing us at the top of the food chain, but is that the natural course of life? Or are we destined to modify nature? Who knows? I over think things sometimes, but these things are true. Oh well, whatever our destiny, we shall continue to further our existence until the moment every species will eventually encounter: extinction. Life shall go on, and the moving finger, having writ, moves on. God I need to get more sleep… — Journal of Dr. Hydra

Dr. Hydra is to be reminded, again, that when aggrevated, protocol and common decency prohibits the throwing of coffee cups at certain security personnel bearing bad news. No further infractions will be tolerated — Dr. ███████

Personnel of Sector-7 are reminded that any issues or concerns relating to SC-1213 are to be presented directly to Dr. Hydra. Please present any sensitive matters to him in a diplomatic way, as Dr. Hydra retains a strong friendship and bond with SCP 1213.

All personnel are to be warned that unauthorised and unpermitted handling, tampering with any of Dr. Hydra's experiments or projects may result in a subsequent outburst or anger and an item, namely a coffee cup, being thrown at their head. Dr. Hydra is known to have anger management when dealing with incompetence, stupidity and tampering with his hard work. Counceling on his part is still work in progress, please be sympathetic and ready to dodge flying projectiles. — Dr. █████


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