Dr. Isean
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SCP-XXX in humanoid form after exposure to 1000 lbs. of granite.
SCP-XXX exposed, in inert form.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX, when not involved in tests, is to be kept in a steel drum of water. The drum is to be 3' in diameter with water jets angled at 45 degrees clockwise from their contact with the edge of the steel drum. The jet effect will create a whirlpool that SCP-XXX will float in while in its inert form. The whirlpool effect is to keep SCP-XXX from touching the steel surface of the drum.

Description: SCP-XXX is a piece of grey puddy with a size similar to that of an American baseball. When SCP-XXX is in this inert form and comes into contact with solid material of any form, it may take on that material's properties. The conversion rate is not 100%, and the decision making process on whether or not SCP-XXX will take on a certain materials properties is unknown. SCP-XXX also shows a property best described as total matter manipulation. When exposed to a solid material, if it takes on those properties, SCP-XXX gains full control of all pieces of the given material physically in touch with it. Upper limits of the amount of material able to be controlled at once are unknown. Tests to date conducted with material samples with insufficient volume to cover the suface area of SCP-XXX's inert form have all failed to record any conversion of properties. Tests have concluded that SCP-XXX can only take on properties of solid matter. however Test XXX-8 has shown [DATA EXPUNGED]. Hencforth, direct physical contact with SCP-XXX and human skin is prohibited.

Discovery of SCP-XXX took place in the ███████████████ Mountain Range of ███████ on █/█/20█ by civilian miners using explosives to excavate. Due to poor working conditions, the lower mining shafts were flooded ankle deep with water, and after workers moved back into the shaft after an explosive had been set off, one worker noticed SCP-XXX floating in its inert form. The worker retrieved SCP-XXX with no conversion and later placed in on the stamped steel table up on the surface of the mining site used for eating. SCP-XXX then took on the properties of the table, converted the steel into a humanoid form approximating 3' tall and proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED]. A radio signal describing the event as it occured was intercepted by Foundation Intel Site ███. Agent ███████ was sent in to investigate. After action reports state SCP-XXX was then 8' tall, and all metalwork at the mine's surface site had vanished. It has been concluded that SCP-XXX is able to gather additional material after taking on its first form, as long as the material is of the same nature of SCP-XXX's current form. Agent ███████, seeing no way to take in SCP-XXX as is, used a AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher on SCP-XXX. The debris afterwards was spread out, and SCP-XXX was contained in a kevlar sack with it only possessing enough steel to hold a 5" tall, more managable form. This form was removed from SCP-XXX through means of acid to etch the surface area of the form away enough that SCP-XXX gave up the form alltogether. Tests conducted after containment have led to the idea that SCP-XXX was the actual mountain being mined until the explosion knocked it out of the material.

Material Tests:

Test XXX-1:

Material: 10L Water (Later increased to 100L Water)

Material Test Results: No transference of properties. For 12 hours SCP-XXX showed no signs of matter manipulation of the water. Volume increased to 50L. Additional 36 hours, no signs of matter manipulation. Volume increased to 100L. Additional 48 hours, no sign of matter manipulation.

Note: Well, I feel convinced now that SCP-XXX's containment procedures are most likely secure, but because we have seen it not take on properties before of a sample, precautions should still be in place.

Test XXX-2:

Material: 5 kilograms molding clay (red)

Material Test Result: SCP-XXX immediatly covered itself in the molding clay. Process took 5 seconds. Form was roughly spherical. SCP-XXX converting clay to humanoid form measuring 25cm tall. Process took 30 seconds. SCP-XXX removed from water drum and placed on table. SCP-XXX now looking around room, possibly indicating sensory perception while manipulating matter. Observation lasts 14 seconds. All movement halts. Red molding clay cracks and disintigrates, SCP-XXX's inert form drops to table. Further information recorded in Incedent Report XXX-2-I.

Note: Dr. Isean, filling in for the late Subject D-1045 for purposes of note taking. From now on, do NOT place SCP-XXX on a surface of any material you dont want it taking. It has shown that it will drop on material in favor of one with higher volume present. We dont need more tables killing people.

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