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Item#: SCP-███

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-███ is to be kept in a 10x10x5 cell with a ceiling-mounted cutting laser to be trained on SCP-███ at all times. SCP-███ is to be fed daily with shredded organic matter, the individual parts no greater than 1cm in all dimensions. If SCP-███ is seen to be interacting with its food in any way other than feeding, parts of its body are to be severed by the use of the aforementioned cutting beam.

Description: SCP-███ is roughly humanoid when unthreatened, with a height varying between 230 and 250cm. Its body is constructed from smaller forms, each consisting of two long, thin tentacles of hardened flesh connected at the ends to a much thicker strand. The head is little more than a sphere of organic matter, and its current method of locating prey is unknown.

Document #███-1: Observed Tactics
While in this form, its primary form of attack is to throw a line of connected forms via one of its arms to wrap around the preys neck. After drawing the prey to itself, it disables the prey by severing its head at the neck with bony plates extended from its head.
If the original creature is damaged beyond repair, SCP-███ will divide into its components, which will swarm the prey and attempt to decaptiate it. Once the prey has been decapitated, SCP-███ will insert its tentacles into the neck-hole of the prey, taking control of its movements. At this stage, SCP-███ will begin to reform itself into its natural appearance by tearing strips of flesh from itself and ejecting non-musculature.
If the head of the original prey is still intact, SCP-███ will remove the brain and attached tendons and begin altering it into another head for a future SCP-███ host.
Once the head of SCP-███ is destroyed, it loses the ability to organise itself and immediately divides. In this case, integrating the preys brain will take priority over creating more forms.

Document #███-2: Experiment ███/Host Transfer

[██/██/████-10:14:38] SCP-███ has been diced until only the head and three 'organs' remain. The others have been cut off and burnt.

[██/██/████-10:16:32] A Gorilla is introduced into the cell of SCP-███

[██/██/████-10:16:34] SCP-███ rapidly approaches the gorilla from three different directions.

[██/██/████-10:16:37] The gorilla expresses confusion and reacts violently.

[██/██/████-10:16:44] SCP-███ attempts to asphyxiate the gorilla by wrapping the tentacles sprouting from its head around the gorilla's neck. The other forms are used to entangle its arms.

[██/██/████-10:19:53] SCP-███ successfully kills the gorilla and cuts through its neck.

[██/██/████-10:19:57] The gorilla's body is reanimated after SCP-███ inserts its tentacles into the neck-hole of the corpse.

[██/██/████-10:20:23] SCP-███ begins stripping the flesh from the gorilla then ripping apart muscle tissue into strips.

[██/██/████-10:26:16] Organs are removed with great care by SCP-███.

[██/██/████-10:30:33] Bone, cartilage and fat deposits are ejected from the body.

[██/██/████-10:32:23] The first of the pieces removed by SCP-███ (including organs) begin to harden and divide into component forms, which rejoin the body.

[██/██/████-10:35:55] The gorilla's body now fully resembles the original form of SCP-███.

[██/██/████-10:39:02] SCP-███ strips the skin from the gorilla's head and crushes its skull, carefully placing the sharpest shards into the brain.

[██/██/████-10:40:15] SCP-███ begins manipulating the brain and attached tendons.

[██/██/████-10:47:32] One of the individual forms inserts its thickest appendage into the brain, and it then rejoins the whole.

[██/██/████-11:00:03] Level 2 overseer orders personell to disect the second head.

[██/██/████-11:04:41] SCP-███ divides, creating two smaller but complete forms of SCP-███, and attempts to strafe the emission point, attacking with tightly packed balls of its individual forms.

[██/██/████-10:09:22] One form was destroyed, the individual components rejoining the original

[██/██/████-10:10:01] Retreats to a far side of the room, indicating surrender and at least some intelligence.

Addendum [SCP-███a]: Despite the theoretical ease of disposal, SCP-███ is being contained for possible future domestication.
Addendum [SCP-███b]: Upon Class-D personell being snagged by SCP-███, Dr. Bright is no longer allowed to announce in an overly-masculine voice "Get over here!"

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