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SCP-195, as photographed in 2008.

Item #: SCP-195

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-195 is to be maintained in a non-transparent box, rather made of glassy material of no less than twenty five (25) cubic centimeters, allocated in a silk pillow. The box is to remain locked and be opened only with written authorization of level 4 personnel. Subject is to be maintained in a specially designed facility inside Sector-19. This facility is to be composed of two rooms, one of which is a 1m x 1 m room furnished with one (1) iron table and a door to the second room, which is the cleaning room, equipped with one (1) locker, one (1) sink and one (1) table. The content of the locker depends on the request by the responsible Dr.

The subject is to be cleaned once a day at exact 18:00 as requested by Dr. ██████.

All manipulation process must be done with the use of rubber gloves and cleaning should be done with fresh water and other special eye care products if sought by the responsible testing agent.

Cleaners should be supervised by another two (2) agents during the cleaning procedure. The object should only be carried outside the room by one of the OS in person, kept inside it's box.

As for last testing results, subject's level of danger is unknown.


SCP-195 can be described as a regular blue eyeball in the looks, but completely separated of it's nerves and veins. Subject measures 24,15 mm diameter and weighs 7,8g.

Due to test logs as follows, SCP-195 is capable of reflecting in it's iris the exact place the viewer of the subject is thinking. The image is, as in a regular human eye, upside down and reflected. It only "views" places in the present, not being able to show memories or the future. Subject seems to be triggered by the thinking of a place. As for testing results, it doesn't work with names of people, kinds of objects, coordinates and anything else other than a name of a place. From there on, the viewer can think of a place in the line of sight and the eye will focus on this place.

SCP-195 was found in ████████████, Italy, 12/09/19██ by the local police. A searching team entered a house, looking for a evidence in local case ███████/███-██ and found the subject stored in an iron box with old ornaments in a desk at the living room. When asked, the suspect claimed it to be a family patrimony. Object was considered to be a regular glass eye and was stored away at the local police deposit.
After a few days later, the responsible agent at the deposit reported that there was liquid flowing from underneath the box and when he opened it, the eye seemed to be in a pool of regular eye fluid. The agent reported the same situation for three consecutive days, until the sheriff sent request to change object's jurisdiction of such object. The message was intercepted by the Foundation.

On 12/23/19██, Agent ███████ went to the local police department and removed the subject. Fake analysis data was sent to the department stating that the eye was a prank toy and that the department should not be disturbed.

Object was then stored in it's box until testing began. In 01/03/2001 Dr. Knoxx was designated as the responsible for the subject.

Pores on SCP-159 surface

Test Log SCP-195/1:

Personal Log of: Dr. Knoxx.

Date: 01/04/2001

Subject is submitted to viewing by Dr. Knoxx and his team.
It is noticed that the liquid reported by the police officer is being secreted by the subject.
For this reason, utilizing the microscope the surface of the subject is scanned and the result is as in the picture to the right.
The picture shows SCP-159 surface at a 10µM, revealing pores from which the liquid is secreted.
It is requested a test to verify the composition of the secreted liquid.

End of testing day 01.

Notes: No further notes.

Test Log SCP-195/2:

Personal Log of: Dr. Knoxx.

Date: 01/07/2001

Liquid submitted to testing returned at the present day.
Liquid's composition is H2O and NaCl, in approximate proportions of human tears.
The results raised questions amongst those in the testing procedures and a DNA test was scheduled.

Notes: If the subject produces liquid similar to human tears, will it be an human eye? If it in fact is an human eye, why does it produce tears by itself? And why didn't it decompose in such long period? Those were the main questions around the object origin. DNA test scheduled to determine subject origin. Dr. Knoxx.

Chromosome pairs from SCP-195.

Test Log SCP-195/3:

Personal Log of: Dr. Knoxx.

Date: 01/12/2001

Away from the expected, the tests resulted in a DNA composition different from human DNA.
The picture at the right represents the chromosome pairs from the subject.
Humans has 22+1 pairs and subject has 27+2.
Further research

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