Dr Marlovic

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx's enclosure requires no special modification: any storage room will suffice. Access to the enclosure is exclusive to personnel who have not ever worn glasses. Caretakers must have 20/20 eyesight, or exclusively wear contact lenses to correct their vision.

Description: Although make and style vary, SCP-xxx always appears as a pair of spectacles. When a person who has ever worn glasses (herafter referred to as Subject A) looks directly at it, SCP-xxx will take the shape of their most recent pair. Any person who has not worn glasses will percieve SCP-xxx as the make and model of glasses which the last subject A percieved.

SCP-xxx appears to have a memetic effect of convincing the subject that it is that subjects own spectacles. If subject A is wearing glasses, they will immediately remove them, and make aformentioned assertion. Over time, even with only a single exposure to SCP-xxx, subject A will complain of blurred images of light or shadow in the corners of their vision. These visions will gradually resemble humanoid shapes over time with some subjects indicating that the shapes appear to be beckoning them in the direction of SCP-xxx current location. Visual disturbances continue with normal spectacles following first exposure, with subject complaining of dimmed vision and a growing sense of urgency to retrieve SCP-xxx.

Should a subject wear SCP-xxx, the figures will slowly enter the subject's vision, becoming more opaque, and subtle deviations in their faces and bodies will begin to show, suggesting individual features. The subject will describe growing anxiety as more figures fill their field of view, always appearing from the corners of the individual's vision, no matter which direction he or she turns. As the features of the figures become more detailed, the subject's coherence quickly diminishes, degenerating into screams of terror and incoherent pleas for help. Once a subject reaches this point of incoherence, even when SCP-xxx is removed, the subject will continue this behavior.

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