Dr McGregor's oddities

Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The building designated SCP-000 is to be maintained and managed by a team of two Level-One staff who's duties involve accepting deliveries of SCP-000-1 and subsequently reviewing and archiving them, and the disposal of any defunct instances of SCP-000-1.

Due to it's location inside a major population center, SCP-000 is to be guarded at all hours by at least three security personnel. Patrol shifts will be organised to ensure that at least two guards are on patrol, while the remaining one rests.

Should any non-Foundation personnel attempt to enter SCP-000 or otherwise access it's interior are to be apprehended and interrogated. If they are deemed to pose no risk to the foundation, they are to be dosed with Class-B amnesiacs and released. Any individuals deemed a risk to SCP-000 or the Foundation are to be maintained in custody until transport to Sector-19 can be arranged.

Description: SCP-000 are the remains of a two-story building located in the [DATA EXPUNGED] district of New York, USA. Blueprints indicate that SCP-000 was constructed in 1923 by a luxury entertainment company named "Schröder and Co.". City records indicate that SCP-000 has remained uninhabited for upwards of 60 years and has since fallen into disrepair.

The interior of SCP-000 resembles a public library, the ground floor features a front desk containing archives of customer information, 120 shelves housing over 36,000 instances of SCP-000-1 and a small furnace intended for the destruction of defunct instances of SCP-000-1. The upper floor contains rows of beds numbering 110 and various pieces of equipment intended to be used to care for incapacitated individuals, including intravenous tubes, naso-gastral tubes and a variety of syringes and solutions. Two long-expired male corpses are also present in the room, investigation revealed them to be two missing businessmen associated with [DATA EXPUNGED], details can be found at the bottom of this file. The upper floor has suffered minor unexplained fire damage, and both floors show signs of hurried departure.

SCP-000-1 are small folders containing detailed description of apparently random members of public. They form a diverse range of wealth, creed, race and nationalities. They include photographs of the individual, frequently updated information on the the individual's personal life (physical and mental wellbeing, current employment, marital/relationship status, etc). After reviewing all instances of SCP-000-1 inside SCP-000, over 80% of instances found had been stamped as "DEFUNCT" - leading to the assumption that the individuals detailed within have expired. It is unknown how the files are updated with such details so frequently.

Files that have not been marked as defunct contain a small syrette filled with pharmaceutical-standard Morphine and a thick, white textile mask printed with a serial code corresponding with one found in the originating folder. The mask appears to have an inlaid copper wire, which coils out of the mask and can be extended over a distance of two meters - the end of which are inserted into unique sockets found near the beds. Pamphlets found on-site detail how all of these appliances are used, and the kind of services that were provided in SCP-000:

Pamphlets found on front desk
Ever wished you could step into another fella's shoes?
Here at Schröder and Co., we aim to facilitate these needs! Ever wondered what it's like living at the bottom of the barrel?
Or what it's like to have so much cash you don't know where to keep it, or what it's like to be a dame? Schröder and Co. knows!
Schröder and Co. Have developed a never-before-seen scientifically developed procedure to let you be who you want to be!
For a modest fee, you can become who you like - for as long as you like!
Simply start by signing your disclosure, and you can choose who you want to be and for how long!
We then take you upstairs, to the experiencesatory!
First, we give you a small jag of the old Morphine - this ensures the procedure will go a smoothly as possible!
We then hook you up so that you don't dry out or starve while you're here! You don't want to wake up dead, do ya?
After that, the magic happens! Once you're asleep, we'll attach our Schröder and Co. scientifically approved mask, and the experience begins!
You won't believe your eyes - because they ain't your eyes!

-Tests of the procedure detailed in the above were conducted, results are attatched to this file.-

Pamphlets found by each bed on the second floor
Don't be a bad apple!
Here at Schröder and Co.,

The owners of SCP-000 had somehow developed a method of apparently transferring one individual's conscience into another person's body. How this phenomena is induced is to date, currently unknown - as are how the owners of Schröder and Co. procured their instruments and developed the entire process. No records of employees, income or expenses of Schröder and Co. have ever surfaced. Since the occupation of SCP-000 by Foundation personnel, deliveries of cases of new instances of SCP-000-1 have began to arrive at a rate of one per week. Enclosed inside are up to 50 new documents, each containing a unique individual. Attempts to track down a scource have thus far proven unsuccessful.


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