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Item #: SCP-384

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-384 is to be kept in storage locker ██-█ on Site 19. Any researcher with Level 2 clearance wishing to use SCP-384 for experimentation must request permission from project head Dr. William. While use of SCP-384 is not forbidden, it's long term effects may discourage personnel from extended use. I would appreciate it if you people would stop giving 384 to new researchers as a "gift." -Dr. William

Description: SCP-384 appears to be a normal █████ brand lighter with a drop of blood printed on the front. When struck SCP-384 produces an exceptionally red flame that burns at ██ degrees Celsius and causes the user intense pain around any flesh in physical contact with 384. When disassembled no erroneous parts were found, but the reservoir normally containing butane gas was filled with human blood. By some unknown mechanism the device draws blood, then proceeds to use it as fuel. While the amount of blood drawn is not enough to harm humans, short term effects after a single use include intense pain in the area contacting 384, and thinning of the blood. Effects of long term repeated use include hemophilia, acute leukemia, anemia, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Repeated use in a short span of time leads to symptoms usually associated with blood loss, and causes the skin contacting 384 to be worn away. There appears to be no upper limit to the amount of blood the device can contain(See Experiment Log 384-44). SCP-384 was brought to the attention of the Foundation when the object was confiscated by airport security in ████████. █████ DeWitt, a TSA agent employed at said airport, took the object, citing his interest in the design when interviewed later (Research on the possibility of a memetic hazard has yielded negative results). Agent █████, who was embedded in the TSA at the time, overheard DeWitt telling his co-workers about a strange "joke lighter," he had found. Agent █████ investigated and determined the object was a SCP, promptly reporting his findings to the Foundation. DeWitt was detained, interviewed, and administered Class-A amnesiacs. Investigation into the original owner of the lighter is pending.

Addendum 384-3A: The following are samples from Experiment Log 384-44.

Log Entry 043
Test Subject: D-40612

Procedure: Subject was ordered to strike SCP-384 once. Subject was not informed of the effects of SCP-384.

Result: D-40612 yelped in pain and dropped the object. He then began cursing at the researchers for pulling a "[EXPLETIVE] bad prank." Upon medical examination the only side effect was a marked decrease in ability to create blood clots for █ hours.

Log Entry 045
Test Subject: D-40612

Procedure: Subject was ordered to strike and hold SCP-384.

Result: Subject struck SCP-384 and held the flame. SCP-384 once again exhibited the effects of an anti-coagulant.

Log Entry 056
Test Subject: D-50912

Procedure: Subject was placed in standard humanoid-SCP containment with SCP-384 and ordered to strike the object once every day.

Result: After ██ days subject was diagnosed with severe hemophilia. █ days later subject died of severe blood loss from combined internal and external bleeding.

Log Entry ███
Test Subject: D-71412

Procedure: Subject was ordered to strike SCP-384 repeatedly until told to stop.

Result: Subject struck SCP-384 for a total of ██ hours. After ██ minutes the skin on subject fingers was completely worn away. Subject's request for gloves was denied. After █ hours he reported a feeling of intense "pressure-like" pain throughout his body. Finally, after ██ hours subject dropped SCP-384 and began screaming. Video shows D-71412 stagger towards the exit the experiment chamber, bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Subject then forcibly [DATA EXPUNGED], destroying the door and causing Dr. William to declare containment breach.

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