Dr R Shadovsky
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a locked and sound-proofed 2x2m observation room at Site ██ . Access is restricted to approved Class D personnel assigned for testing duties. All other access must be approved by Dr. ████████████.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a small metallic box with panels depicting human figures, birds and a number of untranslatable symbols. A switch on the side causes the box to emanate music. Analysis of the box reveals no internal mechanism which creates the sounds. The music itself is an unknown composition that appears to fit no known style or harmonic scale in music.

SCP-XXXX was retrieved from the village of ████████████ in Romania after reports of several children dying after exploring an abandoned house. According to local superstition the home was the residence of a known practitioner of black-magic. Reportedly, all of the children had cried and screamed, calling for 'the witch music' before they died. The villagers blamed their deaths on a curse the witch had left against any would-be trespassers.

Testing of SCP-XXXX has revealed that exposure to the anomalous music is the likey cause of the reported deaths. Those exposed to the music for a short period of time reported no ill effects, though many subjects remarked upon the 'catchiness' of the tune, and their inability to reproduce it by humming of whistling.

Those exposed for a greater amount of time experienced effects in line with the initial report. Class D subjects were exposed to an hour of the music, and within a day they were demanding another exposure. This request was denied and by the end of the day, all the test subjects had died of cerebral haemorraging.

Addendum: Further testing of SCP-XXXX's music has revealed more dramatic effects. Several subjects were given long exposures to the music. After four hours, all the subjects had fallen into a trance-like coma. Subjects were removed after a total of five, nine, sixteen, twenty-four and thirty-six hours exposure. All of these Class Ds removed from the music died of cerebral haemorrage like the earlier ones. After a total exposure of seventy-two hours the final subject awoke.

The remaining subject (labeled SCP-XXXX-D) remained remarkably healthy despite the coma, and suffered no physiological maladies besides the complete loss of all body and facial hair.

More notable however, was a complete change in the subject's ability to communicate. SCP-XXXX-D found itself unable to speak English. Instead, the subject attempted to communicate in a completely unintelligible dialect that further research has only been able to determine as of non Indo-European or Asian origin.

Subject SCP-XXXX-D was held under observation for a number of weeks, and it was discovered that not only was it unable to speak English, it was unable to read, write or understand English at all. Furthermore it appeared unable to comprehend gestures, and could do little more than rant in its new incomprehensible language.

After twelves weeks of researchers trying to understand the subject, or teach the subject to understand them, SCP-XXXX-D abruptly committed suicide. After a prolonged period of frustrated yelling, it tore out its own throat.

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