Dr. Rigford
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Item #: SCP-GGG

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-GGG is to be kept in a sound-proofed container at all times. In the event of the object’s removal from it’s container, all personnel within 30 meters of the object will be restrained, isolated and placed under observation.

Description: SCP-GGG is a bright red phone similar in model to a traditional rotary phone, with a small, red light bulb in place where the rotary would be located. Due to this, it is impossible to send calls with the object, and all calls received by SCP-GGG are from an unknown, and presumably singular, source.

Periodically, the light on SCP-GGG will began to flash, and it will emit a loud buzzing noise. Anyone who hears the noise will be immediately and intensely drawn to it, violently resisting any attempts to prevent them from answering the phone and willingly putting themselves in harm’s way to reach the object. When answered, the receiver is met with a gruff, male voice on the other line, referring to himself only as “The Commissioner.” The voice then implores the recipient to prevent or resolve a nearby crisis, claiming that the recipient is the only one that can help. The nearby crisis always occurs within a thirty-mile radius of the phone, which have included building fires with several people trapped within, bank robberies, and since secured by the Foundation, containment breaches of dangerous SCPs. It is unknown if the object causes the events or merely warns of their occurrence, but such events are always recorded as starting within seconds of the object being answered.

Once the call is received, the recipient, who will be referred to as SCP-GGG-2, experiences severe delusions, believing themselves to be a superpowered mask vigilante. They will rapidly construct a vigilante personality, crafting crude costume pieces and equipment from whatever objects are around, including altering the clothes they are currently wearing, if necessary. They will also refer to themselves by their new persona, often speaking in the third person, often speaking and acting with great theatricality. Oftentimes, SCP-GGG-2 bases their persona around whatever they used to create their costume as well as “equipment.” Refer to the testing log for specific examples.

Once they have successfully created a heroic persona, SCP-GGG-2 will be under the delusion that they are needed and that they are the only ones who can “save the day,” often loudly expressing this sentiment to those nearby. They will then rush to the scene of the event by any means available to them and attempt to resolve whatever is occurring. Any attempts to stop, slow down, or restrain SCP-GGG-2 during their “heroics” are met with extremely violent resistance, regardless of how it is attempted.

Other Ideas:
A blind young boy, when his eyes are open and unexposed, they project a thick, pitch black miasma into the space that would cover his field of vision.
A slingshot that induces mischief in those around it, and always finds it's target, typically causing large amounts of property damage in the meantime.
A bacteria culture that mimics a city and urban sprawl.
A virus that makes people become made of plasticine (figuratively).

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