Dr. "Risc" Riscvul
The hatch leading to SCP-XXXX before application of containment procedures
Interior of SCP-XXXX after discovery and cleanup. Writing is displayed on the wall to the right and has been omitted following Incident-XXXX-003.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site 242 has been established for the purpose of containing SCP-XXX on-site under the guise of a condemned building. Civilians attempting to enter Site 242 must be detained, and amnesiacs administered if necessary. SCP-XXX must be kept open closed at all times with triple-redundant locks, and may only be opened with prior permission from at least two (2) Level 3 Senior Researchers.

As of Incident-XXXX-006 all testing or entry into SCP-XXXX is suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an unfinished basement accessible via a trapdoor built into the roof on the northwest corner. It formerly belonged to an abandoned farmstead in ████████, ██. The farmstead and surrounding property have been shown to have no anomalous properties and the original building was destroyed for the construction of the Site-242. SCP-XXXX consists of a dirt floor basement approximately 4.2m x 3.1m x 1.6m in dimension. The original walls appear to be constructed out of crudely chiseled basalt in a limestone mortar. On the northern wall a message "some forms of terror are fresher than others" is written in a combination of materials confirmed to be human blood and skin tissue fastened using carpet tacks. A concrete foundation appears to have been added at a later date underneath the existing walls. The remote location and furnishings present upon discovery suggest the farmstead has been abandoned since the 1970's.

Anomalous conditions manifest themselves when a living subject enters SCP-XXXX. It will close the trapdoor sealing the individual inside. If the trapdoor is removed from its hinges, SCP-XXXX can produce forces in excess of 2000 N to return it to the opening. Although typically measurements under 2000 N are recorded Incident-XXXX-002 has shown the upper limit to be far higher. Once the opening has been closed SCP-XXXX will present a method of escape to the subject. This often occurs in the form of physical changes in SCP-XXXX. Examples include an axe on the floor to destroy the door, a shovel to tunnel beneath the wall, and a window well on the southern side. Any attempts to escape fail and often inflict non-fatal injuries on the subject. Attempts to await rescue result in the production of effects heightening the fears of the subject. Examples include: appearance of insects or vermin, spatial reduction anomalies, equipment fires, and reports of other entities or individuals. Attempts at suicide inevitably fail incurring painful, but nonfatal wounds to the subject. Death usually occurs due to dehydration or starvation. To date no subjects have been successfully recovered from SCP-XXXX once the trapdoor is in place.

Discovery occurred during the investigation of a string of disappearances and kidnappings around ████████, ██ in 19██. After the disappearance of four Federal agents assigned to the case, the Foundation assumed jurisdiction. While investigating the area, the missing agents' vehicle was discovered abandoned outside a farmhouse. Inside Foundation agents found ██████ ████████ handcuffed underneath the kitchen sink. The remains of the agents were discovered in the basement along with the remains of ██ civilians. ██████ confessed to leading ██ individuals to this location but refused to acknowledge his involvement in their deaths. After interrogation on the nature of SCP-XXXX he was assigned to D-Class, and a cover story involving rabid and aggressive animals was created. No records were found concerning the original owners of the farmstead in ████ County records.


Old stuff for comparison. Addendum XXXX-1 D-868 Interview:

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