Dr Talson Sandbox

Just dropping the ideas before I forget them again.

SCP-XXX: Safe/Euclid. Neverending Footsteps: Contained in 10' cube windowless room, with pressure sensors and wood facade on all faces. Footsteps constantly circle around, including up the wall and across the ceiling. Pressure sensors are used to confirm confinement and measure weight; appears to be about 275 lbs. Will trample anything left in its path. Airlock system on connecting door prevents accidental release, and no actual source can be found for noise (no air displacement or physical/energy signatures)

SCP-XXX: Euclid. Bloodthirsty Towel. Appears as ordinary bathtowel; when more than 70% of surface area comes into contact with warm-blooded body, towel adheres itself, seals, and begins to liquefy and devour its prey via threads. Force requred to remove typically does enough damage to kill victim. Stored in clear plastic bag, kept folded, and is only to be handled by tongs. No one wants it getting loose in the gym showers again.

SCP-XXX: Euclid. The Dread Gazebo. May stick under jokes. Subjects inside gazebo structure will find no way out, and will vanish into non-Euclidian space. Stored on-site to preserve any potential connection to other side.

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