Dr. Warfield
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Item #: SCP-1293

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1293 is to be kept in 1 ████████ theater-brand soft drink cup. Should SCP-1293 be without a cup, a replacement should be retrieved within 7.5 hours.

Description: SCP-1293 appears to be a clear plastic straw about 30 cm long with around a 7 mm diameter. If SCP-1293 taps something nonliving, said object will immediately turn itself perpendicular to the ground and stay this way until tapped by SCP-1293 again. If an uprighted object is rotated beyond 10 degrees on either the X- or Y-axes, [DATA EXPUNGED], often killing the subject before righting again.

SCP-1293 was brought to the Foundation's attention on ██/██/20██ at the premier of [DATA EXPUNGED] in ████████ movie theater in ████ ████, ██████████, auditorium █ by Mr. █████ ████████. SCP-1293 was retrieved by the Foundation after it was taken home and used to accidentally cause ██ deaths among Mr. ████████'s immediate family and friends.

Experiments involving SCP-1293 must be physically carried out by exactly 1 Class D personnel, as per Dr. █████████'s orders.

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