Dr. Yeller

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a secure, well-lit room with a single writing desk. SCP-XXX is to placed within a pencil cup on said desk. Access to SCP-XXX may be be granted to anyone who volunteers, but due to the nature of SCP-XXX that person cannot be guaranteed their survival. Any work of fiction produced by the person using SCP-XXX is to be evaluated by foundation staff. If deemed suitable for further use, the work is to be left in the responsibility of whoever had written it. Any person writing using SCP-XXX is to be provided no less than 2000 sheets of paper while writing.

Description: SCP-XXX is a black fountain pen manufactured by ███ in 19██. The pen itself appears to be in good condition despite its repeated use, and to never runs out of ink. The pen displays its anomalous properties as soon as it is picked up by a human being. Machines or non-human lifeforms that pick up the pen show no such effects.

A subject who picks up SCP-XXX begins compulsively writing a work of fiction on any paper available, not stopping unless forcibly restrained, ignoring even the most basic biological needs until the work is complete. If there is no paper in the vicinity or all of the available paper has been used, the subject will continue writing on any available surfaces, including, the ground, walls, any nearby objects and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The subject will continue writing until either the work is complete or the subject has died due to lack of food, water, or sleep. The works typically average 300 pages, though there have been several cases where the works have had more than 1000 pages.

If the subject successfully completes the work, they will not recall anything regarding writing the work save for a vague feeling of having had an idea. The work will normally reflect the subject's tastes in literature, and psychological analysis shows that the work also reflects the subject's conscious and subconscious desires.


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