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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-X is is an USD Nickel dated 19||. The coin's appearance does not deviate from any other coin originating in that era. SCP-X does not display any anomalous behaviour without direct interaction.

When SCP-X is tossed (breaks contact with the body of a sentient being and rotates more than twice before coming to rest) it's anomalous properties manifest. The exact outcome depends on the actions of the being handling SCP-X and the side the coin lands on. If the handler (henceforth referred to as the “wisher”) vocalised a desire or wish within || minutes prior to flipping SCP-X then SCP-X will attempt to grant this desire in one of two ways:

If SCP-X lands heads up the coin will attempt to grant the wish as the user intended it to be granted. It is believed the coin may have some mild psychic properties to determine what the wisher intended to occur. If SCP-X lands tails up the coin will attempt to grant the wish in any way, as long as the vocalised desire could be considered to be met. Attempts to outsmart SCP-X by using very specific demands and technical language have resulted in no manifestation of anomalous behaviour regardless of which side the coin lands on, it is unknown if SCP-X is “choosing” not to grant these wishes or if it cannot understand such complex requests.

SCP-X appears to have the ability to bend reality, which it uses to fulfil wishes. However this power appears to be severely limited by the nature of it's power source, SCP-X has severely weakened or even killed all test subjects that have requested large changes to reality while only partially fulfilling these wishes. Testing on subjects has revealed REDACTED in varying degrees in 100% of cases. The extent of REDACTED appears to be linked with the physical complexity of actions that SCP-X must perform to grant a wish and the distance over which it must perform these actions.

Note: Due to the potential for misuse, all test proposals must state the exact phrase(s) to be used with SCP-X and must be reviewed and authorised by at least one level 4 personnel. Security personnel charged with guarding SCP-X are to be shown test proposal and proof of authorisation prior to testing and must be present in the test chamber with any subjects. Attempts to vocalise any phrase not stated in the test proposal are to be met with immediate termination by firearm regardless of subjects security level.

Addendum #1: Test Log

Note: Due to the nature of SCP-X's behaviour, many tests performed on it provided no new information or results where corrupted by events that effected the subjects ability to wish in an unbiased manner. Only the most important tests and results are listed here, for a full list see Document X-C.

Test 006
Subject: D-243, Male Caucasian aged 34.
Purpose: Determine ability of item to move objects.
Test Procedure: One empty plastic cup is to be placed in test chamber with subject. Subject is to pick up SCP-X, speak the phrase “I wish that cup would move 30 centimetres to the right.” then flip SCP-X.
Result 1: Coin lands heads up. Plastic cup moves exactly 30cm to the right from the subject's perspective. Plastic cup does not appear to pass space between initial and resultant locations.
Result 2: Coin lands heads up. Exactly the same results as initial test.
Result 3: Coin lands tails up. Subject is levitated 5cm above the ground by an unknown force, floats exactly 30 cm to his left and is set down.
Result 4: Coin lands heads up. Plastic cup is levitated 5cm above the ground and floats exactly 30cm to the right from the subject's perspective before being set down.
Conclusions: Note how the method of moving the cup changed after a similar act was performed on the subject in the third attempt of the test. It seems that the way in which the wish was granted was partially determined by what the subject imagined would happen. Further testing needed on additional subjects.

Test 009
Subject: D-256, Female Caucasian aged 22.
Test Procedure: Identical to Test 006.
Result 1: Coin lands tails up. Cup vanishes, after approximately 3s a small pile of powder appears 30cm to the right of the cups previous location. Later testing proved this powder was plastic of the same type the used in the cup. New cup used for next test, obviously.
Result 2: Coin lands heads up. Cup vanishes with a loud popping sound in a puff of red smoke, after approximately 2s the cup reappears with the same loud popping sound and a similar puff of red smoke. Subject questioned on how she imagined transport of cup would occur, subject explained that she thought it might move “like how magicians do it”.
Conclusions: This seems to prove my earlier theory about the expectations and/or intentions of the subject deciding on exactly how the wish is granted. I would like to see what SCP-X does when given a phrase with very little room for interpretation.

Test 016
Subject: D-259, Male of African Decent aged 21.
Purpose: Establish the possibility of forcing SCP-X into giving consistent and predictable results.
Test Procedure: Floor of test chamber is to be painted with a bright green circle 15cm in diameter, a single plastic cup is to be placed in the centre of this circle. Subject is to pick up SCP-X, speak the phrase: “I wish for the plastic cup placed upon the section of the floor of the room I currently stand within that is painted green in colour to be displaced by 30cm towards the magnetic north pole of the planet earth without its molecular, atomic or geometric structure altering in any way during the course of its transportation.”
Results 1 – 16: No anomalous behaviour is observed, regardless of which way SCP-X lands.
Result 17: Subject deviates from script roughly half way through, seemingly to protest the futility of repeated testing. Subject is immediately terminated by security staff.
Conclusions: This is our 7th similar test that has yielded no results. It appears SCP-X either cannot or will not grant such complicated wishes. I propose two different hypotheses: The first is that while SCP-X is capable of very complex actions, it is incapable of understanding very complex requests. The second hypothesis is that SCP-X is partially or fully sentient and in control of its abilities, meaning that it can choose not to grant wishes that don't leave it any freedom to decide the outcome.

Test 22
Subject: D-312, Caucasian Male aged 52.
Purpose: Establish the limits of SCP-X's capabilities.
Test Procedure: Permission has been granted to perform this test outside site-██ for convenience. 10 car chassis or items of approximately the same weight are to be acquired from any local scrapyard. Subject is to wish for SCP-X to levitate 1 chassis 15 metres from the ground for 60 seconds, if this proves successful then subject is to wish for SCP-X to levitate 2 chassis in a similar manner, then 3 etc. The process is be repeated until SCP-X fails to grant the wish or all chassis are successfully levitated.
Result: SCP-X managed to successfully lift all 10 chassis. After the 8th chassis had been levitated for 12 seconds Subject complained of feeling tired, Subject was instructed to continue testing. After the 10th chassis had been levitated for 28 seconds Subject collapsed, 14 seconds later the car chassis fell to earth. Subject appeared to have expired from [REDACTED] and showed signs of heavy ███████.
Conclusions: It appears SCP-X seems to negatively effect its last user by [REDACTED] the severity appears to be linked to how much activity the user is demanding from SCP-X and how long this action is to be sustained. Tests 19 and 20 also seemed to effect subjects in this way too, nowhere near the levels seen here though.

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