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Item #: SCP-1032

Object Class: Keter1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1032 is to be kept in a small underground complex located at level ██ of Site ██. The complex shall consist of a security station, a high-security vault, a self-contained fossil fuel power plant and a self-contained nuclear power plant2.

The security station must be the only way to access the complex. It has to be manned by at least four (4) security guards at all times. A closed circuit television system and multiple sensor arrays will enable constant inspection of the complex and its surrounding areas. Before access is to be granted to any Foundation employee (including O5s), a positive identification must be confirmed by all the present security guards and by high grade biometric authentication systems (including voice-print detectors and iris, retinal, palm and fingerprint scanners).

The vault must consist of an inner 3x3x3 meters chamber of modular concrete panels (24 cm thick), a middle shell of reinforced carbon-titanium-vanadium steel alloy (20 cm thick) and an outer chamber of modular concrete panels (24 cm thick). The vault door must have at least six (6) mechanical locks (each combination must be kept by a single appointed O5, and be reset each time access is granted to the vault) and must be able to withstand no less and no more than 8 man hours of unhindered tampering with power tools and oxy-fuel cutting torches (an upper limit is provided because Foundation personnel must retain the ability to gain forced access to the vault in a reasonable time).

The vault must be equipped with a self-contained, foam-based active fire protection system and a self-contained gas delivery system. In case of unauthorized access to the vault, the gas delivery system will release the ███-██ nerve agent in the air.

The fossil-fuel power plant must be capable of fully automated startup and operation for a minimum period of twelve (12) days. Enough fuel must be stocked at the power plant to keep it running for sixty (60) days of manned operation. Output must be at least 12 MW (electrical). A simple gas turbine design has been chosen.

The nuclear power plant must be capable of fully automated startup and operation for a minimum period of three (3) years. Enough fuel must be stocked at the power plant to keep it running for twelve (12) years of manned operation. Output must be at least 12 MW (electrical)3.

See Documents SCP-1032-488 and [DATA EXPUNGED] for a description of the power plants and their operational details.

SCP-1032 must be kept inside the vault at all times. SCP-1032-1 must be plugged in the complex electrical grid. The complex electrical grid will be powered, under normal conditions, by Site ██ electrical grid. Should Site ██ electrical grid fail, the complex fossil-fuel power plant will automatically start up and provide power to the complex. Should the fossil-fuel power plant fail before Site ██ electrical grid has been restored, the complex nuclear power plant will automatically start up and provide power to the complex. SCP-1032-2 must be kept inside SCP-1032-1 at all times.

Access to the complex can be granted only to Level 4 personnel by O5s appointed to the project (as of ██/██/████: O5-█, O5-█, O5-█, O5-█, O5-█ and O5-█). Access to the vault and to SCP-1032 proper must be jointly granted by all appointed 05s.

All personnel involved in SCP-1032 containment and experimentation (if any) must undergo a weekly thorough psychological evaluation.

Description: SCP-1032 is composed of two distinct devices. A document explaining their functioning (SCP-1032-101) was received along with the devices (see Acquisition further on).

SCP-1032-1 is a hollow cubic structure of an unknown silvery metal, measuring 42x42x42 cm. Its only distinctive feature is a couple of metallic wires coming out of a small hole (diameter 0.6 mm) situated at one of the lower vertices of the structure. These wires, made of an unknown, coppery yellow alloy, have a diameter of 0.2 mm each, are 1,28 meters long and display amazing superconductive properties at room temperature.

The wires coming out of SCP-1032-1 can be hooked up to an electrical grid and are capable of conducting huge electrical currents. If a power of roughly 9.5 MW is delivered to SCP-1032-1, it activates, generating what is called a "stasis field" (see Acquisition further on).

The "stasis field" presents itself with a bluish tinging of the air inside the cubic structure and a faint humming. Objects inside the "stasis field" will appear to be frozen in time, unaffected by such phenomenons as gravity, momentum, heat or radioactive decay. However, they still seem to interact someway with electromagnetic radiations coming from outside the field (e.g. they are visible). Objects won't be affected by the field as long as they aren't completely contained by it. A ball dropped through the top of SCP-1032-1 will arrest its fall as soon as it is completely inside the field. If an object is positioned inside the field via a pair of tongs, it won't be affected by the field unless released; after that, it will completely "freeze", "floating" at whichever position it was released at, as has been observed in experiments involving clocks and burning candles. If SCP-1032-1 is moved, the objects in its "stasis field" will move accordingly.

Living organisms are also affected by the field, but not harmed by it. Pea plants, lab rats and [DATA EXPUNGED] eggs have been kept in the field for hours on end, with no adverse effect. A lab rat injected with 2 mg of potassium cyanide and promptly placed in the field didn't die as long as it wasn't removed, suggesting a complete interruption of biomolecular activity. Even placing objects inside the field with unprotected hands should be completely safe. A banana has been placed in the field and successfully retrieved and eaten by a Rhesus monkey, with no noticeable adverse effects.

The field will last as long as sufficient power is delivered to SCP-1032-1.

SCP-1032-2 is a device of parallelepipedal form, measuring 12x18x6 cm and weighing 120 g. It is made of bright, shiny low-grade plastic, colored in primary blue, yellow and red. On the upper side of the device there is a large, red cylindrical push button. Due to the coarse details, garish look and abundant defects, SCP-1032-2 has been described looking like "a cheap toy mass produced by injection molding". An inscription on its underside, stating it was "MADE IN CHINA", seems to support this view.

However, the document accompanying SCP-1032 (see Acquisition further on) states that 1032-2 is a "doomesday [sic] device", and that pushing the red button will cause "the complete annihilation of this Universe". Document SCP-1032-101 states that 1032-2 will activate at the slightest attempt to tamper with it. It is also stated that the device is powered by a single battery. The document indicates that when the battery charge will eventually drop below a certain threshold, the device will activate. Apparently, there is no way to replace the battery without setting off the device, hence the need of keeping SCP-1032-2 in the "stasis field".

There is no way to know if the statements in document SCP-1032-101 are true without risking the device activation (see Analysis further on).

Radiographic analysis of 1032-2 (performed while it was inside the stasis field for added safety) shows it contains what seems to be an electronic circuit with many unknown components and a somewhat large (4x4x10 cm) cylindrical object, presumably the battery.

SCP-1032-2 seems to engender anger and frustration in the personnel tasked with its containment. It also seems to provoke a slight compulsion to activate it by pushing its button. However, these effects are completely mundane, and seem to stem from the regrettable situation which this SCP put the Foundation in, namely, the need to spend a great amount of time and resources to contain something that could well be just an elaborate prank at the Foundation expense (see also Acquisition and Analysis further on).

Acquisition: SCP-1032 was delivered in a large paperboard gift box to the office of Dr. ████ ██ ██████ (who was already cooperating with the Foundation at the time) at ██████ ████████ Laboratories in ███████████, ███ ██████ by a █████ courier on ██/██/████. All subsequent efforts to track the courier or the sender were inconclusive. The box contained SCP-1032-1, a smaller box, that in turn contained SCP-1032-2, and a printed document (SCP-1032-101), addressed to the Foundation. An excerpt from the document follows:

To: Silly Creepy People Foundation
From: D-Dr. Genius

D-Dear Evil Foundation,
here is a present for you. you may call it "1031". the Push-Button-Thingy in the smaller box is a D-doomesday D-device that, when activated, it will cause the complete annihilation of this Universe. yeah, you got me right: push the red button and you can kiss goodbye to your precious space-time continuum, as per the following equation:

An intricate equation - almost three pages long - follows. It is highly complex and seems to draw from unknown mathematical and physicals concepts. It was impossible to make out the meaning of the entire equation; however, by studying it, many novel insights have been gained in the fields of [DATA EXPUNGED]

yer heads spinning, lads? well, a word of advice: D-don't try your funky tricks on the PBT. you open it, it goes off. you try to blow it up, it goes off. you send it into the sun, it goes off. you try to D-displace it to another Universe and/or time, it goes off. in short: LEAVE THE GOD-D-DAM THING ALONE! but that… won't be enough, cuties. the PBT is powered by a battery. the battery charge D-drops below a certain level? why, the thing goes off! here I introduce you the Boxy-Thingy. the BT is a stasis field generator. it works pretty well, give you feed it enough juice. as long as the PBT rests in the stasis field, you're fine.

or maybe not.

or maybe, the PBT is just a toy that goes TCHWIIN!! TCHWIIN!! when you push the button. who knows. all you have to D-do is try. try, come on, try! I D-dare you! what? what? your chicken? your chicken!

Have a nice D-day
Rot in hell,

D-Dr. Genius

The package was promptly brought to the Foundation by Dr. ██████.

Analysis: As stated before, there seems to be no way to determine if SCP-1032-2 is really a "doomsday device" or just a harmless trinket. The tone of SCP-1032-101 seems to suggest that "Dr. Genius" bears some kind of grudge against the Foundation and wanted to play a nasty prank at its expense.

However, some elements prevent the possibility to dismiss this whole business as "just" a practical joke.

First, the sender knew about the Foundation and at least one of its associates. More, the suggestion of labeling the SCP as "1031" is particularly unsettling: SCP-1031 was in fact, at the time the package was received, the first available SCP number4. "Dr. Genius" seems to have access to our archives.

Second, the mathematics contained in SCP-1032-101 appears to be highly advanced and unheard of, and seems to support the theoretical possibility of warping the structure of [DATA EXPUNGED] time and space.

Third, there is the undeniable reality of SCP-1032-1. 1032-2 may be just a toy, but 1032-1 is a genuine, reality-warping SCP (although by its self it would be surely classified as a Safe).

Fourth, as much as SCP-1032-2 seems like an ordinary object, the fact that so many SCPs in our custody look like ordinary items can't be overlooked.

Thus, it has been decided to avoid taking any chance and to treat SCP-1032-2 as a genuine Keter class threat. This decision has been met with vocal disagreement by many high-ranking Foundation associates [DATA EXPUNGED], also due to the expensive measures adopted for the contained of this (possibly innocuous) SCP, but mainly because it feels like the Foundation is being blackmailed by some random terrorist prankster. This situation poses an actual threat to our very existence: if other parties would begin sending us items that can't be analysed but are stated to be Keter class threats requiring expensive containment procedures, we would be having a bad time trying to figure out what to do.

An investigation is currently being carried out to discover the identity of "Dr. Genius", specially focusing on associates and former associates of the Foundation.

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