Psionic Fog

Item #: SCP-1800

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any telepathic SCP which has been with the foundation for a period of five(5) years, and seven(7) months and four(4) days is to be placed under the following emergency containment procedures. Subject is to be relocated to Unit-19A at Sector-07. Unit-19A is to be a 5x5x3 meter room with a 3x1x3 meter airlock, Unit-19B. The Unit is to be vacuum sealed to prevent seepage of fog from within. A bed in the center of the main room is to be provided for SCP's going through an SCP-1800 event and are to be strapped down to prevent self injury. Room is to be observed by two(2) Level 02 Agents until visual contact with subject is remade. No non-telepathic organism may be permitted to enter Unit-19A without first donning a self breathing apparatus and not without approval from Level 04 staff. After visual contact with the subject is remade, a medical team must enter the room and attempt, if possible, to revive the subject.

Description: SCP-1800-1 is the designation of an event which occurs in all telepathic organisms admitted to the foundation and has been observed in ██████(██) SCP’s since the first recorded instance in 19██. It is characterized by symptoms almost identical to epilepsy with the obvious exception of a light-emitting fog seeping from each of the subject's orifices. Any room in which the subject is contained will be filled with this fog until it completely obscures them from view. The fog seems to have a toxic effect on all non-telepathic organisms, as several personnel who were unfortunate enough to be swept up by experienced complete and irreversible brain-death. Researchers therefore hypothesize that the fog may in fact be an evolutionary adaptation by telepaths to prevent them from physical harm form other creatures whilst a SCP-1800 event in in effect.

An instance of SCP-1800 has invariably occurred on a date five(5) years, and seven(7) months and four(4) days after each of the various subjects' admission into the foundation. It is unknown whether or not the event occurs outside the foundation, but an investigation into the oddly specific number and the connection to the foundation has concluded [REDACTED].

SCP-1800-2 is designation of anomalous entity that subjects claim has contacted them during each intance of SCP-1800-1. The creature has assumed a variety of physical forms including:

  • An arachnid of tremendous size
  • SCP-███’s deceased [REDACTED].
  • SCP-███(In this instance SCP-███ reported encountering himself)
  • A mass of gelatinous, tumorous growths containing [REDACTED].
  • Undead, levitating member of the species Orcinus orca

Infrared and ultrasonic scans of the room in subsequent instances have revealed no other entity within the fog with the subjects, suggesting that SCP-1800-2 exists only as figment of subject's mind or [REDACTED]. It is also unknown whether or not the entity is the cause of SCP-1800 or something else entirely.

Upon revival from their unconsciousness, SCP-1800-1, subjects recall that it engaged them in uncomfortable conversation, ranging from questioning the existence of the very universe to the subject's own self esteem. Soon afterwards, it attacked the subject with lethal ferocity forcing the subject into confrontatin. After the event, subjects will experience one of three phenomena.

  1. Subject will remain irreversibly in a comatose state. One hypothesis suggets that subject was in fact terminated during the event by SCP-1800-2. Obviously, this assumption cannot be verified. To date, this result has been observed in 7█% of individuals.
  2. Subject will remain in comatose state for three(3) additional hours after which they can aroused and are able to recall the turn of events. Many have said that they just hid from SCP-1800-2 or that they managed to kill it in some way. They will also experience mild to severe regret for something they believe they did whilst unconscious and have often been heard uttering the words "I overdid it" or "Coward" to them selves. This case occurs considerably less often than the previous at a rate of 2█%. Modern medical procedures have almost doubled the number of SCP's who have been revived from an SCP-1800 event and has already risen to 5█%.
  3. [REDACTED] Reclassification to Keter submitted but denied.
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