Dream Eaters
The corpse of a starved SCP-1213.

Item #: SCP-1213

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-1213 are to be contained in an 3m by 3m cell located in Site-██ and monitored by camera at all times. All but 1 offspring of any given SCP-1213 instance are to be killed and dissected immediately. The containment cell is to be provided with 5 D-Class personnel as a food source, rotated every day to prevent permanent mental damage.

Description: SCP-1213 is a rare species of humanoid creature that, through currently unknown methods, appears to gain sustinence through supressing REM sleep. The Foundation currently has 5 instances of SCP-1213, and any new instances discovered in the wild are to be tracked down and destroyed immediately.

Instances of SCP-1213 range from around 4-10 centimeters tall and have a primarily red coloration. SCP-1213 is asexual and reproduces by creating 2-4 sacs on various locations on their body which erupt 2-3 weeks later, killing the parent and releasing the offspring from the sacs.

Autopsies have shown that SCP-1213 has a simple physiology, only possessing a brain and an unknown organ in the head, assumed to be its digestive system. The rest of its body is comprised of various muscles and the skeletal system, granting SCP-1213 surprising agility for its small size. SCP-1213 also has the innate property of becoming invisible to the viewer when they are being looked directly at. Shifting one's sight sideways causes SCP-1213 to become visible again to the viewer. SCP-1213 is aware of this effect and uses it to hide for survival, as they are fragile and easily injured.

Because of its unique form of feeding, several detrimental effects have been observed from people who have been fed on by an instance of SCP-1213. The supression of REM sleep causes the host's brain to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation even if they sleep for the recommended amount of time. SCP-1213 is apparently intelligent enough to "ration" its host, only staying on one host for 5 days to a week, to prevent death. SCP-1213 cannot go even a single day without food, as doing so causes them to atrophy and die within a short amount of time.

Because of its dietary needs and sense of self-preservation, SCP-1213's preferred hosts are children and teenagers in the range of 9-15 years because they are most likely to sleep alone. If no easy hosts are available, they will continue to search the nearby area for anyone who sleeps alone, only eating otherwise as an absolute last resort.

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