Dream Key
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Item #: SCP-651

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept separate from the standard living quarters from ██:██PM to █:██AM. Return item to Storage 4, Section D, File #4428-651 to prevent unauthorized use. Contact Dr. ██████ or assigned Level 3 personnel for permission to use the item and more detailed briefing on proper procedure. Proper medical staff must be on site to monitor subjects under the effects of SCP-651 and to administer a psychological evaluation before and after each test. Subjects must then be monitored for a minimum period of 2 hours before returning to regular duties. Use of SCP-651 is strictly forbidden without proper medical staff and permission from Level 3 personnel. Maximum of two subjects at one time.

Description: SCP-651 is a key of unknown origin. Attempts to discover the nature of the metallic material that the key is made of have failed. Appearance is of a very lighty rusted 18th century key. The unusual properties of SCP-651 aside from the physical material, is that it gives subjects within a short range, the ability to intensely vivid and lucid dreams. Subjects exposed to SCP-651 during a regular sleep cycle report 'waking' in a dream, completely aware that they are dreaming. Subjects also report the ability to alter the dream by will. After exactly 8 Hours, the subject will awake from their dream, remembering everything that happened inside the dream as if it had happened to them in reality. Particularly interesting is the consistency in the duration of the subject sleeping, and the detail at which they are able to remember their dreams.

Addendum: Additional information about the discovery and experiments are listed below.

651-A: "SCP-651 was discovered at Dig Site #██. The key appears to be made of Iron, but material testing proves otherwise. It resembles old keys that were commonly used in the mid to late 18th century which were commonly hand made. SCP-651 is cold to the touch, and even when held in the palm of my hand, SCP-651 simply refuses to warm up. Further testing is needed before we decide how to proceed. Whether this item is worth it just because of its alien material remains to be seen. Nothing else spectacular to report."

- Dr. ██████

651-B: "It appears I was wrong. Last night, on █/█/201█ at approximately 12:45AM, I had night shift at the lab. I ended up dozing off while continuing to find out the nature of SCP-651. In my dream, I dreamt of my childhood. It was as if I was actually there, much more real than any other dream I had ever had. I could interact with the people that I had known long ago. The entire time, I had a strong feeling that I was actually living inside of a dream. I would think of things that may happen in a dream, and right before my eyes they happened. I awoke at exactly 8:53 with several of my co-workers standing around me. They had apparently walked in on their morning shift and attempted to wake me from my slumber, with all efforts failing. I was told that they tried yelling and physically shaking me awake. Once I awoke, I felt completely re-energized, and could remember my dream; clear as day. It felt more like a real memory than a hazy recollection of a dream. But why does it take the shape of a key? This would be incredibly useful for writers block. Speaking of which, I should begin my full report."

- Dr. ██████

651-F1, Dream Sharing: "After extensive research into the effects of a single subject under the effects of SCP-651, we have concluded that the subject will sleep for exactly 8 hours. The first stage of sleep, N1 is usually followed by two additional stages before finally extending to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, where dreaming naturally takes place. Strangely, If a subject falls asleep within one meter of SCP-651, they lapse into the N1 stage of sleep, before immediately dropping into REM sleep until they awake 8 hours later. Anything beyond one meter, the subject sleeps normally. The test team induced sleep in two subjects at one time whom were both in range of SCP-651. We used volunteers from Site-19 as we had concluded it to be safe at the time of this test. The first subject fell asleep a few minutes before the second subject. Subject 2 then 'appeared' inside of Subject 1's dream.

Both reported being able to alter the others 'creations' as well as being able to directly interact with one another. Subject 1 was able to meet various people whom Subject 2 materialized inside of the shared dream state. Subject 1 was later able to recognize and name the aforementioned people by taking a look at photographs. Both subjects awoke 8 hours after the experiment started in perfect condition, with full memory of the events of the dream."

- Dr. ██████

651-F2, Nightmares: "Concerns have arisen about the effects on a subject who may accidentally turn their lucid dream into a nightmare. Dr. ███ has stated that due to the fact that the dream feels so real, the experience of having an incredibly traumatic experience happen to you inside of the dream may be interpreted by the brain as having actually happened. The resulting shock could severely effect the subjects mental health and stability. To test this, we administered a mild sedative to a person of Class D status. D-████ slept for the full 8 hours without moving, a regular occurrence for those exposed to SCP-651. After 8 hours, D-████ continued to lie completely still. Medical staff was alerted and send in to attempt to wake the subject. After a full 25 minutes of trying to wake D-████, he attempted to pull himself away from the medical staff. D-████ then closed his eyes and proceeded to curl up into the fetal position.

After having a very light sedative administered, D-████ calmed down and explained that he had thought that 'they' were still after him. D-████ refused to elaborate, still convinced it had been completely real. I find this very interesting, as most other subjects including myself reported knowing that the dream was a dream while experiencing it. He was placed under medical lock-down pending a psychological evaluation and therapy. The key has been classified as Euclid due to the psychological trauma that D-████ experienced. Restrictions have been placed on usage of the key and any further testing into the effects of nightmares must be closely monitored by a team of Medical staff and at least 1 Psychiatrist and Psychologist.''

- Dr. ██████

651-42, Hallucinogenic Drugs: [DATA EXPUNGED]

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