SCP-XXXX ("The Broken Tongue")

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SCP-XXXX, enlarged to show detail.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:++ Object is housed at Research Area ██. Following Incident XXXX-1, object has been moved to Research Area ██. no Keter class testing or containment is to be perfromed at Reasearch Area ██. When not being used for testing, object is to be enclosed in a seventy-five (75) by twenty (20) by twenty (20) centimeter block of rubber, molded into two pieces, enclosing the object, with a Faraday cage surrounding the block, and placed on a static-free workbench. The containment room for the object shall be made of unreinforced concrete (minimum thickness of three (3) meters) and shall be illuminated at all times by gas lamps. The humidity level shall remain between 65% and 70% at all times, and the humidors shall be located outside of SCP-XXXX's containment room.

The door to SCP-XXXX's containment room shall be made of non-conductive, high impact ceramic materials. Following Incident XXXX-1, access is via three (3) containment doors, the outermost door positioned at least twenty (20) meters from the object and consisting primarily of metal, with the metallic threshold grounded in case of electrical discharge. The two innermost doors are to be constructed of non-conductive, high impact ceramic materials.

No personnel are allowed within SCP-XXXX's containment room outside of testing. No electrical devices of any sort, including pacemakers, watches, or recording devices are to be brought into the containment room except those being used in the current test. In no event may an electrical device capable of producing more than one thousand (1000) Watts be used in testing without authorization of O5 personal. In no event may an electrical device capable of creating an alternating current be introduced to the containment room without authorization of O5 personal. Following Incident XXXX-1, When not undergoing testing, the Object shall be monitored by two (2) cameras, two (2) motion sensors and one (1) weight sensor in the floor, none of which shall be individually capable of producing more than fifty (50) Watts, and each of which shall be equiped with an automatic shut off in the case of electrical discharge.

Research Area ██ shall remain equipped with two lighting rods at all times, neither of which shall be grounded within 200 meters of SCP-XXXX.

All linguists assigned to SCP-XXXX are to be given weekly psychological evaluations.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a metalic obelisk, roughly twenty (20) centimeters high and five (5) centimeters square on the base. The metal appears to be ██████████, though the density of the object is roughly double that of ██████████. The sides of the object are paterned with square protrutions in an unknown patern. On the bottom of the object, there are four (4) small crevices, each coated in a brass-like metallic substance. These openings suggest the Object may be connected to an appropriate "male" interface. No new effect has been observed through the manipulation of or application of electricity directly to the metalic crevices. The object has thus far proved impervious to both deterioration and damage, making a determination of the object's age impossible.

SCP-XXXX was recovered during Incident ██████████████. Mobile Task Force Delta-5 ("Front Runners") raided a Church of the Broken God outpost in ██████████, ██. A basement was discovered containing an apparently demented and violent elderly man who was quickly terminated. In this room were over ███████ handmade documents in chronological order, including stone tablets dated over 2000 years old to modern paper showing minimal wear. Note that the earliest documents predate the Chrurch of the Broken God by over [REDACTED]. The documents do not appear to be written in any known languages, and ███ different languages have been identified. Linguistic analysis indicates that all documents are written in fully formed languages, but all attempts to translate the documents have failed.

Upon application of electricity a direct current, the object causes a sudden burst low level radiation discharge similar to ████████ waves, except that the radiation extends a certain disance, regardless of sheilding and interference. The radius of the radiation is exponentially proportional to the Watts applied to it at a rate of [DATA EXPUNGED], with a "static shock" creating a radius of eight-tenths (0.8) meters and a direct lightning strike estimated to create a radius reaching beyond [DATA EXPUNGED], potentially resulting in a [REDACTED] scenario. Testing for a method of containing the radiation is ongoing and should be considered a Level █████ priority, despite the complete lack of results thus far.

Any person who is within the radius of the radiation begins speaking and writing a new language, though they apparently believe they are speaking their native tongue. Subjects lose the ability to speak or comrehend their prior language(s). Linguistic analysis indicates that the new languages are fully formed languages, but all attempts to translate the languages have been met with complete failure. Attempts at translation continue. Subjects have proven incapable of learning or re-learning any real world language after exposure to SCP-XXXX. Class AA amnesiacs have been the only successful method of removing this block, though subjects are thereafter of little use to the Foundation, and Class AA amnesiacs are not advised in future testing. See Experiment Log XXXX-1.

Request to expose all excess D-class personnel to this at the end of each month to enlarge the linguistic data set. -Dr. A████
Request denied. O5-█

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