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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be monitored by armed guards on a perimeter enclosing it 100km from its edge. Guards stationed at Armed Containment Site XXXX are to prevent all material objects from entering the town. Any force required to do is permitted. At no time is a guard permitted to come within 50km of the town; sentient materials are to be terminated at a distance. Following the events described in Addendum-XXXX-C, anyone returning from the town is to be terminated as per those entering. No further testing is permitted.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be an average mining town of ██████ ████████ built during the mid-fifties. The town is just 25km2 (16miles2), and the range of its phenomenon is extended to approximately 75km2 (47miles2). This calculation is representative of the chronic blizzard which covers this area. The populace of the town seems to be absent. However, the snow can be seen clad with varied footprints, and objects are often found with signs of recent movement; displaced snow, dust, or lack of snow/dust buildup. The town was equipped with proper plumbing and electrical utilities; including radios which play songs no longer on air. The storm seems to be filled with whispers which call names of people, places and objects. These calls enticed a controlled group who entered the storm to wander: when alone, D-class personnel vanished from measurable existence and radio contact. (See Addendum-XXXX-A for manned mission.) Once one vanishes, they appear to experience the town in a whole new state of reality. In this “vanished-world,” the populace is present and all have distinct names, faces, occupations and homes. The number of residents in the “vanished-world” town have increased by six (6) since its discovery. Additionally, the area of the town and its storm have both increased from 22km2 and 74km2, to 25 and 75 kilometers squared respectively.
A new entity is apparent in the “vanished-world” town. Reports of heat sources depleting rapidly, and a series of disappearances unfolding in no common order are believed to be caused by it. Weather is more erratic, with milder snowstorms, clear weather and full blizzards all within hours of each other. Furthermore, as darkness approaches the temperature drops sharply, and those surrounded in it are reported to freeze and flicker from sight forever. Class-D’s subjected to this “vanished-world,” recalled the same names, places, people and occupations; only denoting them to different relationships: home, hangout, father, brother…etc. Class-D personnel briefly recovered from the town seemed to have “recalled” past memories that conflicted with their recorded histories. (See Addendum-XXXX-B for Class-D Interview.)

Trek and Research:
At 5:23 AM six (6) Class-D personnel entered the storm and made their way to the town. Once there, they made many observations; no radio tower, working radio; no populace, footprints; no maintenance, working power and plumbing. Complaints about the frigid temperatures were a constant; however, over time the complaints focused on voices whispering names, places and objects. Background checks on all six Class-D’s revealed that little to none of the names, places or objects called, coincided with their histories. Yet they insisted the calls were accurate. Whilst mapping the town, at 6:21 AM the Class-D’s all disobeyed orders to ignore the calls and subsequently wandered from each other, disappearing. It was then all contact was cut and several attempts were made to regain contact.
As soon as they had disappeared two (2) of the six (6) Class-D’s had received and returned contact, just 5km from the perimeter. Much of their equipment was missing, yet they were carrying bags full of supplies, journals and an old camera with photos taken in it. The items were replicated in archive photos and sealed in temporary storage. The photograph’s had contained [REDACTED]. An interview was taken from a survivor, just an hour after written testimony.


Survivors and Town Objects Briefly Recovered
At 8:03 AM, it was discovered that the other surviving Class-D had not been in his living quarter as instructed. He had been called upon for his interview, and had not shown up. From living Quarter-A, guards followed footprints in the snow and found that they met up with another set of tracks. It was then confirmed that the other survivor had gone missing, and both tracks led to the temporary item storage. Footprints leading from the storage went back towards the town, and when traced, end in mid-track.

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