The Symbol
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the Procedures]

Description: SCP-xxx is a symbol, which does not resemble any known language. Anomalous effects occur when viewed by a human above the age of twelve. The effects have been divided into four stages. The amount of time it takes for the effects to manifests vary wildly between subjects. The cause for such variably is unknown, though due through testing, it has been determined that location, altitude, time observed, size and material SCP-xxx is inscribed upon has no effect on the manifestation timeframe.

STAGE ONE: Subjects have entered this stage from up to 30 seconds after exposure to 5 years. Subjects in this stage begin to perceive incorporeal entities. Viewings of the entities are extremely brief in time and will manifest at random intervals. Due to these traits the hallucinations have been nicknamed "flashes" by Foundation staff. Subjects perception also appear to be altered in this stage. When "flashes" occur the subject will casually glance at the perceived entity, but will quickly search for the entity after the "flash" effect has passed. Often the hallucination will appear in the peripheral vision of the subject. After searching Subjects will continue will their previous activities, blaming effects on stress, sleep deprivation, etc.Subjects are oblivious to any abnormalities at this stage unless informed of the effects.

Stage TWO: Subject is now actively aware of the effects to a minor extent. "Flashes" occur at an increased rate and length. Subjects now perceive the entities at a extended rate, long enough to observe movement. Extreme paranoia and fear is observed in the subject while under the influence of the effects. Subjects of well financial means have attempted to cure themselves of the effects by utilizing medication and therapy. In some cases, those who are affected by SCP-XXX have been admitted to mental hospital, usually by family or friends to attempt to "cure" them of the hallucinations.

Subject is perceives entities and is constantly under visual and auditory hallucinations. The"flashes" have extended to 9-15 hours. Subject usually suffers from malnutrition, sleep deprivation, and extreme psychosis.

It is currently unknown what occurs at stage four. Through means currently unexplainable by Foundation scientists, persons in the fourth Stage of SPC-xxx effects are effectively removed from existence. Attempts to observe the event have been hindered by machinery malfunctions, weather patterns, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Observation through personal has been obscured by a opaque black fog that seemly manifests itself around the subject, this occurs regardless of enclosed environments. Stage Four events last, on average, eight minutes, though some recorded incidents have lasted over ninety minutes Inspections of test chamber after the event has subsided has reveal scratches originating from human fingernails, and temperature drop.

Interviewed: [D-234212]

Interviewer: [Dr. █████]

Foreword: [D-234212 was exposed to SCP-xxx on 3/6/ ███3, after which he was monitored constantly. D-234212 began showing symtoms of the first stage of SCP-xxx at approximatley 7/14/███4.]

<Begin Log, [8/20/███4>

Dr. █████: Hello D-234212, I am D r. █████

** D-234212:** Hello…um Doctor.

Dr. █████: How are you feeling today?

** D-234212:** Um..fine? Why would I be feeling bad?

Dr. █████: Standard question D-234212. Do you have any issues or problems to discuss?

** D-234212:** No, nothing really. Kind of boring, don't really get a lot of sleep.

Dr. █████: You were provided with an above average room. You have issues with the provided bed?

** D-234212:** No…it's… it's fine. Um..can I leave now?

Dr. █████: You may return to your chambers.

<End Log>

Interviewed: [D-234212]

Interviewer: [Dr. █████]

Foreword: [D-234212 showed symptoms of Stage Two symtoms on 10/23/ ███4.]

<Begin Log, [11/2/███4>

Dr. █████: Hello again D-234212. You remember me correct?

** D-234212:** Yeah, sure. You're that Doctor from last time.

Dr. █████: Exactly, now how are y-(Interrupted by D-234212)

** D-234212:** Bad. Not good. Something really (EXPLETIVE DELTED) wrong here.

Dr. █████: Can you explain?

** D-234212:** Explain? (Angrily) Explain the (EXPLETIVE DELTED) ███dow p███le appear out of nowhere and stare at me?

Dr. █████: Excuse me? If you could go into further detail…

** D-234212:** They don't even move, they just bob up and down and pump their legs and they float closer.

Dr. █████: Could you describe them in more detail?

** D-234212:** (Fearfully) They reach out, they reach lout with there twisted arms and try to touch me!

Dr. █████: If you don't control yourself we'll be forced to administer sedatives.

** D-234212:** And we they talk..OH GOD THEIR VOICES! ( D-234212 begins to sob hysterically)

Dr. █████: (sighs) Take him away.

** D-234212:** (lunges at doctor) NO!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM ANYMORE!!! ANYTHING! PLEASE!

(D-234212 was administered sedative and returned to testing chamber.)

<End Log>


Interviewed: [D-234212]

Interviewer: [Dr. █████]

Foreword: []

<Begin Log, []>

Dr. █████:

** D-234212:**

Dr. █████:

** D-234212:**

Dr. █████:

** D-234212:**
Dr. █████:

** D-234212:**

Dr. █████:

<End Log>


SCP-xxx-2 is a humanoid entity or entities, with the appearance of a man with gaunt build and average height. SCP-xxx-2 appears to manifest mainly in highly populated urban environments infrequently. It's sole objective appears to be to create instances of SCP-XXX and spread it's effects to as many individuals as possible. However, SCP-XXX-2 appears to avoid direct human contact, preferring to inscribe SCP-XXX at late hours and in dark areas, when it is less likely to be observed or interacted with.
SCP-XXX-2 so far has been observed: Dumping fliers on city streets with SCP-xxx printed on them, placing envelopes containing SCP-xxx in mailboxes,
drawing or carving small instances of SCP-xxx on in frequently observed objects such as bathroom stalls, doors, and paintings. SCP-XXX-2 is estimated to cause over 96% of all SCP-XXX infections. Capturing and containing SCP-XXX-2 is a Level Five Alpha Priority. It is method of transportation is currently unknown, but is hypothesized that there are multiple instances of SCP-XXX-2 and could be increasing in numbers at a high rate. Further studies are under way.
All attempts to contain SCP-xxx-2 have failed.

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