Egg and Spider
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An image taken by an employee.

Item #: SCP-1207

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1207 is to be kept at Site-108. If Site-108 is no longer an option, the subject will be moved to Site-112 for immediate containment.The subject must be settled on a nest with a diameter of twenty meters. All wood used to create the nest must be obtained from a wild hibiscus tree.

No noise other then footsteps may be made within twenty-five meters from the subject.

In the circumstance of a containment breach, Mobile Task Force Hex-1 is to lure SCP-1207-1 back to the Site originally housing the subject.

Description: SCP-1207 is a large egg-like object. It is fifty meters high with an opening at the highest point. What appear to be limbs are currently hanging out of this opening. The unknown creature these limbs belong to is referred to as SCP-1207-1.

When the shell of the subject is pierced, SCP-1207 releases a gas (SCP-1207-2) that both repairs any damage to the shell and damages the mentality of any living being in a 0.5 km radius.

The SCP-1207-1 has never been seen, but Dr. █████ believes it to be some biological mutation of a tarantula. This theory has not been proven, but judging from the creature's limbs, the theory is widely accepted by personnel.

The subject does not act kindly to noises any louder than footsteps. An employee once attempted to take a photo of the subject, however he didn't have knowledge of the subject's sensitive hearing. After the camera snapped the shutter the subject proceeded to [REDACTED].

Addendum: We have discovered that if a victim of SCP-1027-2 survives, they believe they are already dead. The following is an interview with a victim of SCP-1207-2:

Interviewed: Mary B. ████

Interviewer: Dr. William S. ███████

Foreword: Mary is an employee of the SCP Foundation at Site-108, and is a victim of SCP-1027-2.

<Begin Log>

Dr. William How are you feeling today, Mary?

Mary: Well, I suppose I'm okay. You know, considering…

Dr. William: Considering what?

Mary: Well, I am dead, silly.

Dr. William: Dead? You think you're… Actually, what do you think of death?

Mary: I don't like it. It's scary. I feel so alone in here.

Dr. William: Would you mind elaborating for me?

Mary: Well, I don't know how. It's just this feeling. The world is exactly the same, but in death, it's so much more horrible. The other ghosts torture me.

Dr. William: Torture? What do you mean they torture you?

Mary: (sobbing) They just hurt me, they tie me up and throw stones at me. They've already hung me twice, but as I'm dead, that didn't work.

Dr. William: Mary, you look just fine to me.

Mary: Fine?! How do I look fine? Look at this wound on my arm? You see the tiny pieces of rock in there?

Dr. William: Mary, look. You're not dead. You're in my office, we're in an interview.

Mary: No. I'm sorry, Doctor. I need to go.

[Repeat as necessary]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Mary died later in the hospital, claiming that the ghosts were attacking her.

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