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One of the few end sections of SCP-XXX showing three man high racks commonly available in the ███. Ships of █████████████████████████ only have two men high racks.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the size and location of the SCP-XXX it is impossible to contain, however there must be two brainwashed agents on board of all the ships suspected to have any connections to the anomalous space. Entry to SCP-XXX is highly unlikely due to the nature of its “key”, but any known unauthorized access to SCP-XXX must be recoded, analyzed and the perpetrator must be questioned and then administered class-A amnesiacs. Any object found in the anomaly must be handed over to Dr. ████████████.
Being inside SPC-XXX has shown no direct negative effects against humans with the exception of a rhythmical beat that can be heard (Which some people report as “disturbing”) and nightmares when anyone sleeps in any of the racks. SCP-XXX is seemingly infinite size and it is almost akin to a labyrinth, though unlike SCP-432, it has not rearranged itself.
No source of the sound has been found, but it has been theorized to be in the “center” of SCP-XXX. Using less than two people to explore this anomaly is not encouraged and neither is sleeping in the anomaly.

Description: SPC-XXX is a berthing of extra dimensional capabilities, entrances to this space has been found in a few of [DATA REDACTED].The existence of the anomalous space was not found until recent times. Urban Legends and stories amongst the sailors of the aging fleet told how a drunk sailor boards one ship but wake up in the sister ship. There is even an instance where a sailor back to his ship in Hawaii, wakes up in South Carolina and manages to be back on his ship in Hawaii by means unknown. Many of these stories have been labeled as false until recently (See Addendum SCP-XXX-1).
Entry to SCP-XXX varies from ship to ship, but they have been show to be universal to some degree. SCP-XXX can apparently detect the mental and physical condition of anyone on the ship and will open to anyone experiencing an extreme state of mind and fatigued. So far researchers had success entering SCP-XXX by using sleep deprivation, alcohol, drugs and ███████. Entry has been made in two ships, with the others
███████████████████████ - First ship where the anomaly was found (See Addendum SCP-XXX-1) first entry was made via sleep deprivation. The use of alcohol was also successfully used to enter the space.
██████████████████████ - Entry has been made by using drugs and ███████.

The foundation has been unable to find a method of entering other ships in the fleet and due to the extreme nature of them trial and error experimentation has halted until we find the cause of the opening of the space.
SCP-XXX has been found to be almost a typical 12 men berthing area near its entrance, however with the exception of the main entrance, alternate entrance and a few "end sections" it has no walls and has been described as an infinite maze of racks. Racks and items from different eras have been found, agents exploring the are actively encouraged to rummage and take any useful objects they find, especially anything related to alternate timelines or future timelines.
Agents and D Class subjects who have slept in the anomaly have reported having “horrible nightmares and waking up like I just had a bar fight”. Analysis has found bruised and lacerated skin; scars made by whips and healed broken fractures on the subjects. The sources of these injuries are not known and they all happen in a span of one hour while the subject is sleeping.

Addenum SCP-XXX-1: Subject was found naked and babbling incoherently atop of a hatch. Subject was babbling about finding “Berthing 37 and the heart of the ship”. Subject apparently depraved itself of sleep by using massive amounts of energy drink and somehow entered a previously unknown anomaly. Subject was discharged for health reasons and taken back to [DATA EXPUNGED] and first questioned by Dr. ████████████, subject remained quiet and uncooperative during the interview. An agent applied extreme methods of questioning, but the subject became agitated and violent and had to be terminated. Other than the information of how to enter the space no other information was found.

The following will may be included in one maybe two different logs related to the space. The first will be the exploration logs but only if I can include more of them, if not they will be included in the main entry. The second will be about any artifacts they have found. Or I may just include both in a single log file and just put all the artifacts after the exploration logs. I also need to add dates~

SCP-XXX-EXL – So far no major expeditions have been made into the space, but a few small expeditions have been made. For information about any item found in the anomaly please read SCP-XXX-L

Subject – Brainwashed deckhand
Ship - ███████████████████████
Method of entry - Sleep deprivation for █ days
Findings – Subject entered the space, was found in the same place as the original subject. Questioning retrieved no useful information; using hypnotism revealed that the area looks like a regular berthing. Subject then became agitated and violent and babbled incoherently about drums, rowing and whips. Subject has been terminated and SCP has authorized to use two personnel for subsequent expeditions.

Subject – Brainwashed deckhand and an Agent posing as ██████████
Ship - █████████████████████
Method of entry - Sleep deprivation for █ days
Findings – In the seventh day deckhand was complaining of lack of sleep, agent followed the deckhand to his berthing area. Agent noted that the door number changed subtly when the deckhand touched the knob. Deckhand proceeded to a rack, that the agent noted, was similar to how own rack. The Agent described anomalous area to be identical to a 16 man berthing area, but expanded beyond after the second row. But before he could proceed he heard the deckhand scream and extracted him. The deckhand said he had a nightmare about [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject – Brainwashed Oiler and a agent posing as ███████████████
Ship - ████████████████
Method of entry – Drugs █████████████████
Findings – Entry went as previous attempt, subject complained about hearing drums. Oiler remained with the agent at all time feeling “not right”. Around 100 paces the pair began to find racks of different styles, with no apparent pattern. Artifacts found include books and magazine of various eras and a notebook that [DATA EXPUNGED]. Expedition was cut short when a dead body was found; body was extracted and delivered to SCP. DNA testing has found no match; uniform does not match any current uniform and service tape states ██████████████ current hypothesis states [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject – D-XXX-1 and Agent posing as ██████████████
Ship - ██████████████████████
Method of entry - ███████
Findings – D-XXX-1 was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent gave sleeping drugs to D Class personnel and explored the space. Several minor documents and artifact where found. After exploring the area the agent discovered a door where [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-XXX-1 was found dead and the agent requested to be administered a c-class amnesiac. Request accepted and subject under Psychiatric evaluation.

Subject – D –XXX-2 and Agent posing as recently retired military personnel
Ship - ██████████████████████
Method of entry – [DATA EXPUNGED]
Findings – [DATA EXPUNGED]
Note: If it wasn’t for the fact that we have class-A amnesiacs this would have been an utter mess. Jesus Christ - Dr. ████████████

Artifacts to be added later once I actually write them~

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