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Item #: SCP-1348

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-1348 is to be kept in a 3x3m sterile room at Site ██; the entrance to these rooms must be sealed sufficiently to prevent entrance or exit by insects, and all personnel entering the room must be thoroughly checked for parasitic infestation beforehand. Every instance should also be tagged with two (2) GPS trackers. Trackers may work on the same system, as the redundancy addresses the relatively mundane threat that one will become dislodged.

Each instance is to be provided with two (2) liters of meat of any variety in an advanced state of decomposition on a twice-weekly basis; the meat must be steralized before being introduced to the chamber. No other contact with any SCP-1348 is permitted outside of approved research. All personnel making direct physical contact with SCP-1348 are required to undergo decontamination procedures and basic medical examination before entering the rest of the site.

Description: SCP-1348 appears to be a hunched humanoid figure wearing a hooded black robe; observers have estimated that the subject would be approximately 2 meters in height if standing upright. Its functional height is approximately 1.6 m. Rather than a face, it possesses a structure resembling the bare skull of a bird of indeterminate species. The lower mandible is absent; the upper mandible is approximately .35 m in length and possesses a distinct downward curve. The head is otherwise proportionate to the body; however, the subject's "hands" are two to three times larger than would be proportionate and of a shape similar to the claws of a bird of prey. These are generally constructed of keratin.

Although the claws of the left appendage are typically mere sharpened points, each one on the right hand appears to have a distinct tip. In order from innermost to outermost, they contain:


  • (1) retractable cannula
  • One (1) surgical needle
  • One (1) structure suitable for controlled dispensation of liquids
  • One (1) small sphere (2cm in diameter) containing a variety of concentrated substances chemically consistent with oleoresin of various species of Commiphora, dried flower buds of various species of Myrtaceae, [DATA EXPUNGED], and a mixture of alcohol, morphine, codeine, and other opium alkaloids.

SCP-1348 appears to be capable of limited teleportation; elementary research suggests it can relocate to any location visited in the past week by a parasitic insect which has had conatct with SCP-1348 in the same period of time. Over 80% of its recorded appearances have been in bedrooms, and it never materializes except in the presence of a solitary person either asleep or approaching such a state.

Typically, SCP-1348 will approach the sleeper and place the aforementioned sphere beneath their nose, thus rendering them immobile for the duration of the encounter (regardless of their state of consciousness at the time.) In ██% of the known cases, SCP-1348 will then inject the sleeping figure with a diluted strain of a bacterial or viral disease. Any instance of SCP-1348 appears able to inject any disease; recorded instances include HIV, poliovirus, Vibrio cholerae, assorted strains of Variola, and Yersina pestis. Following this, SCP-1348 will depart (generally by physically explicable means), and the disease will develop along normal progressions.

In ██% of the recorded cases, rather than injecting the target, SCP-1348 will then use one of its left-hand claws to make an incision from clavicle to pelvis; depths of the incision have varied from 8mm to 5cm. SCP-1348 will then dispense approximately .75 liters of viscuous yellow liquid into the target's body, where it will be rapidly absorbed by surrounding cells. (Urination and excessive sweating have both been observed at this stage in targets who have not already expired.) SCP-1348 will proceed to seal the incision via stitching, using thread from the edge of the robe, and depart as previously described. Over the next few hours the target's body temperature will climb, causing further sweating, and within a period of 6 hours swollen lymph glands will begin manifesting in the armpits, neck, and groin. After six hours, similar swellings will appear outside the inguinal areas, and the extremities will begin to necrotize. This will continue for 24 further hours (30 total hours from the time of infection), at which point decomposition will begin. This entire process will occur without significant variation whether or not the target expires at any point in the process. Decomposed, necrotized, and swollen tissue will begin to drop away after the thirty-hour mark, revealing what appears to be a moderate-sized bundle of black cloth. Approximately 45 minutes after more than 75% of this cloth is open to the air, it will begin to move without outside stimulus, evidently "standing up," whereupon it will be visible as a new instance of SCP-1348.

Analysis of the internal structure of SCP-1348 has revealed no structures within the robe other than the head, ruff of feathers, the wrists of the "hands," half a dozen sacs with an estimated volume ranging from .5 to 2 liters, and veinlike structures leading to the right-hand claw. The sacs are constructed of a thin membrane with some chemical similarities to human intestinal tissue; and appear to serve as incubators for the injected diseases. Research is being conducted into the possibility of repurposing these sacs, or SCP-1348 as a whole, to incubate beneficil bacteria and viruses; results are inconclusive.

SCP#: ????

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in Site-██ and currently forms part of the non-supporting structure of the building. The door to SCP-XXXX is located directly behind a keycard-locked automatic door of the type in standard use at Site-██. Access is restricted to personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher, excepting D-class involved in experimental testing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a room measuring 10x6x2.5 meters, retrieved from a nineteenth-century house in █████ ██████████, █████████████.

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