Chipmunk of electronic Freudian slips

Long term memory - sensory memory duration swap

Remake memory alteration machine; it has been successfully deconstructed and turned into a customized rig, everything is mercury based, needle goes through eye and pierces bone behind eye, found in Delaware

SCP-6969-j: Wooden dick that causes people to only speak in sexual innuendo

Make SCP based on CORN!!!

Erotic fanfic? Trollfic? Both?

Make a functional Mary Sue SCP: memetic effect that everyone loves her, turns to hate and abuse, impossible to kill, exceeds at tests, some kind of beneficial effect from causing her harm/distress

Unknowable eldritch creature, only wants to have tea and watch movies

Wish fulfillment scp: bring back Gracie as regenerating dog, family gets to keep her… Try not to cry while working on it

Add more Delaware to SCP

Memetically Targeting BEES (maybe insert spiders, ants, wasps, hornets, etc.)

Giant centipede with head of a skinned wolf. Speaks in fragments of techno songs.

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