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- Reversed Magical Hat
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(Archives translated from the Divisão Tobi Jagua, a small branch of the Brazilian military with similar objectives to the SCP foundation. Archives have been formatted to standard SCP Format and added to SCP files)
Item #: Tobi - 017
Object Class: Destroyed
Containment Procedure:Tobi - 017 requires no protection or restraint of any kind, due to its harmless nature. It has been requested by Ten. Co. Lions to be kept on his office (request approved).

Tobi – 017b is located on a recently-purchased piece of land owned by the Brazilian army on the Serra da Cantareira, an unpopulated range of mountains 20 Kilometers from the state capital. The area must be guarded by 1 (one) or more guards, to avoid property defacement. Razor wire fences are to be placed for similar reasons.

Description: Tobi - 017 looks like a worn black top hat, and is no heavier or sturdier than any other hat of the same build. It has a white stretch of silk wrapped around it, with the inscription “The Amazing Fernandini’s hat. Do not touch. DO NOT REMOVE THIS RIBBON”.

The inside of the hat, however, shows nothing more than a dark, seemingly endless depiction of outer space, complete with small distant stars. Nothing happens to body parts placed inside it, though subjects reports “feeling a bit chilly” after long exposition. If the hand has an object in it, however (and that includes watches and gloves”, the object will disappear completely. Further test has shown that objects that disappear in such fashion are transported to Tobi - 017b (hereby referred to as “storehouse”) by unknown means. Likewise, thinking of an object and putting your hand inside the hat will cause said item to appear, if an item fitting the description is to be found inside the storehouse.

The storehouse is a shed measuring 4 x 4 x 3 meters, painted to look like the rocks from the area in an attempt to hide it from satellite pictures. It has markings on all sides, that say “ Do not enter” in red paint, several times on each side. It has no entrances or windows. Tests using ultrasound devices show that the inside of the storehouse is just as plain, but is laden with shelves.

Experiment Log 1

Subject places hand inside Tobi - 017, then quickly pulls it out. Due to the uneventful nature of the results, the subject was asked to keep his hand inside for one minute. Subject claims to feel cold, and upon removing his hand, notices his watch is gone. After a few minutes, subject puts his hand inside again, and pulls out a 5 ft (1,5 m) cuckoo clock, which was considerably larger than the hat opening. Said object had the consistency of a piece of cloth picturing a cuckoo clock, right until it was fully removed, at which point it turned into a regular cuckoo clock and crashed on the ground. Experiment XXX-1 was finished on the account of the subject’s broken hand.

Experiment Log 2

Subject places hand inside Tobi - 017 and pulls out his watch lost in experiment 1. Subject states that the first time, he just tried taking his relógio (Portuguese word that can refer to both clocks and watches). The second time around, he focused on his watch. This prompts the staff to ask subject to pull out several objects, suggested by Ten. Co. Lions’ assistants:
- “Cash”: (unsuccessful);
- “Gold”: Subject pulls out a gold-laced necklace. No more objects were found under the same parameters;
- “Rabbits”(Suggested by Ten. Co. Lions): Subject pulled one dead rabbit, which appears to have died of starvation 2 years ago. No more tries were made under this parameter;
- “Handkerchiefs”: Subject pulls an orange piece of cloth. Procedure was repeated 16 times, pulling similar objects of different colors and materials, until nothing more came out;
- “Dices”: Subject pulled out one half of a female body, much to the surprise of the research team. In a later interview, subject said that he “was thinking about something else” at the time. Further tests showed that the body belonged to Fernandini’s assistant, reported missing two (2) years ago.

No more attempts to retrieve objects were made. However, as an afterthought, Ten. Co. Lions asked the subject to place his personal cellphone inside the hat, so it would be traceable via satellite. The resulting signal was the discovery of Tobi – 017b.

Experiment log 3
This experiment was divided in two fronts. One, led by Cap. ████████████, would try to retrieve objects from Tobi – 017. The other, led by Ten. Co. Lions, was stationed around Tobi – 017b, using ultrasound devices to register changes in its interior.
It was determined that, when someone placed their hand inside Tobi- 017, a stretched limb would appear from the center of Tobi – 017b and reach for the object . Subject claims he has no control of the limb extension, and feels nothing during the process, except by a bit of cold. Test proceeds until everything in the storehouse has been removed.

Experiment log 6
[ Parts of Ten. Co. Lions’s log after the incident during Experiment 6 ]
Remind me to kill that stupid bastard… Oh, that’s right, THE FUCKER IS ALREADY DEAD! Way to take the fun outta this.
Ok, so Tobi-017 is kaput. Took out the whole division too. Tobi Jagua is no more. All artifacts are to be forwarded to the SCP foundation, along with whatever documents we didn’t lose. We lost.
All surviving members of the Tobi Jagua Division are hereby expelled from the army, and all their personal information is to be removed from the autos. Yes, that does include me. See you never again, gentleman.

SCP-XXX – Porter Trap

Object Class: Euclid

Contaiment procedure: Object is immobile, and is currently in remote site ██, built around it in a stretch of the █████████ desert, 108 kilometers from █████
Remote site ██ is a 5,4 x 5,4 x 5,4 meter solid concrete storehouse with no windows and one reinforced door. The inside has been coated with █████████████ ███████, to resist the low temperature.
Description: SCP- XXX came into existence after an accident during experiment ███-5

Part of Dr. Lions’ personal log regarding experiment ███ - 5

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