WARNING: This Sandbox is sorely used for the purpose of writing down brainstormed ideas and polish them. Expect gramatical horrors


What if the foundation didn't terminate d-class once per month

Another "branch" of the foundation

Ideas orphanage

001 Proposal about something cool

Tales of the Foundation

Surreal shit

A realist tale were all the seniors did all the stuff in the tales

Another 001 proposal, one with more fluff and historical value than creepy horror

Oral history of the foundation, by O5s

An alternate vision of the universe that deals with all the GOIs and the Foundation in a realist manner (I mean, c'mon, the idea of an organization trying to contain everything for the good of humanitity is so silver age) May or may not be linked with the Oral history of the Fouantion

A what if where all the GOIs must form a forum to debate what to do agaisnt an inminent apocalypse

A witness's tale

Help and Corrections

(It's quite ironic that I have one of these considering my own typing)

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