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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a secure hanger at Site-19. The hangar is to be kept under armed guard by 4 level 3 security staff at all times. Only senior staff and members of MTF Rho-6 are permitted inside the hangar.

Revised Special Containment Procedures: Following the conclusion of investigation SCP-xxxx-A12 restrictions on access to SCP-xxxx have been lifted. No staff outside of Project LookingGlass, or senior staff members are permitted access to SCP-xxxx. Staff entering the hangar, or SCP-xxxx itself must wear level 4 protective suits and carry a type 3 sensory package with them at all times.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a duplicate of Prototype Foundation vessel IDV-████ developed by Project LookingGlass. The current IDV-████ is located in drydock at Site ███. SCP-xxxx was discovered in █████████, Saudi Arabia, partially-buried in the desert and in a state of extreme disrepair, following detection of a Lorentzian wormhole collapse above the Persian Gulf on ████/██/██. A recovery team was dispatched and recovered the wreckage of SCP-xxxx on ████/██/██.

The source of the information leak within Project LookingGlass that allowed an outside agency to construct a duplicate of IDV-████ is unknown. Plans for IDV-████ were restricted to members of Project LookingGlass and authorised supervisors only. To date IDV-████ has never been removed from its dry dock at Site ███ and while components have been tested the vessel has never made use of its Lorentzian wormhole drive. An investigation into the leak of plans and subsequent manufacture of the duplicate is being carried out by MTF Rho-63 (“Audit Trail”).

Following the conclusion of investigation SCP-xxxx-A12, MTF Rho-63 has been called off (see Addendum A). In light of new information, containment procedures have been altered.

SCP-xxxx has sustained significant structural damage, apparently from a non-optimal shutdown of its Lorentzian wormhole drive. Two of its 8 reactors have breached, irradiating the engineering section as well as decks 4 and 5, and melting a hole in the ventral armour. The forward section is buckled, presumably from high-speed impact following drive shutdown. The dorsal communications array is missing. The rear ion thrusters are heavily damaged, apparently from maintaining an inadvisable level of thrust for a prolonged duration.
Sections of the interior of SCP-xxxx display extreme warping and displacement commensurate with loss of molecular cohesion during wormhole travel. A such materials from some areas of the vessel have become fused with other areas. In places the interior bulkheads are composed of a hybrid material containing both titanium-steel alloy (used in 80% of the construction of the vessel) and human DNA.

Anomalous events Several anomalous events have been recorded within SCP-xxxx, which have been termed SCP-xxxx-1 to -5. These events occur at seemingly random intervals, and at various locations inside the vessel. The presence of individuals within SCP-xxxx increases the likelihood of an event occurring by 35%.

Addendum A Following in-depth analysis of SCP-xxxx, a complete review of Project LookingGlass, and interviews conducted with all Project LookingGlass staff, MTF Rho-6 have determined that SCP-xxxx is not the result of an information leak. It is the opinion of Rho-6 that SCP-xxxx originates from a non-prime reality, was constructed by members of that reality's Foundation, and was piloted to our reality by members of the Foundation following an XK-class event.
From on-board documentation (see Addendum B) it appears that SCP-xxxx departed its home reality with approximately 30 individuals on board, less than 10% of its full compliment. It is theorised that the shortage of crew and the lack of training of some members of crew in SCP-xxxx's operation contributed to failure of SCP-xxxx's on-board safety procedures, resulting in the non-optimal shutdown of the wormhole drive and its destructive exit into our reality.

Addendum B The following log was recovered from SCP-xxxx's main computer core. File corruption has occurred.

God knows what happened, something with the sunlight. People running like candlewax, turning into… things. Thank god I was down here when it happened. Sanders, Cross, Simmons and Huxley were also on-site, they came to the hangar about the same time as I did. They had the same idea. We got a few others who were hiding out below ground; techs, a few guards and even a few Ds. About 30 of us in all. We told them what the ship was for, where we could go with it. The vote was pretty unanimous. Fuck this place.

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