Evolutionary Crystal

Item#: SCP-XXXX Tanzanite-Crystal-1.gif

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 1mx1mx1m steel/titanium box that is opened remotely inside a 2m x 2M room. No D-class are to be allowed into the containment room without the standard explosive collar and written permission of a researcher who is allowed to do research with SCP-XXXX. Any D-Class individuals who attempt to access SCP-XXXX without an explosive collar and written permission are to be reprimanded accordingly.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an off-white, two foot long crystal made of a partially unknown composition. The crystal consists of 30% quartz and 20% silicon, the remaining 50% is an unknown material that seems to give SPC-XXXX its anomalous properties. These properties only appear to occur when SCP-XXXX is exposed to small-large scale plants or animal. When exposed plants and animals go under mutation at a fast rate, with DNA changing faster the longer the subject is exposed to SCP-XXXX. The rate of mutation, initially, is two sequences of DNA changed per hour with mutation rate increasing by two every thirty minutes. The maximum area of the crystal is 2(two) meters

Test Logs:
Subject: 1 (one) Lithobius forficatus, exposed for 1 hour
Test Results: Subject began to lengthen and grow 10(ten) minutes into exposure, 20 minutes into exposure eyes began to multiply and grow down the back of the subject, 40 minutes into exposure subject is now 6 (six) meters in length and 3 (three) meters in width, legs nearest the mouth, now lengthened and dripping an effective neurotoxin, became claw-like, other legs became large and serrated on the inside. 60 minutes: [DATA EXPUNGED] Dissection revealed subject grew a basic internal skeleton to compensate for increased size. DNA tests results revealed subjects DNA is virtually identical, with only two sequences changed.
Notes: It seems SCP-XXXX changes the DNA of a subject, but keeps it within the subjects basic DNA structure. Further study will be required Dr. XXXXXX Further research approved

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