Experiment Log 1311-1

Dr. ████ received permission to begin his experiment on ██/██/20██.
In the interest of determining SCP-1311's response to multiple potential prey, three subjects were introduced to the cell simultaneously:

Subject D-16383, 32 year old Caucasian male of average height and slightly above average weight.
Subject D-14082, 24 year old Caucasian female of below average height and weight.
Subject D-12986, 47 year old Caucasian female of average height and significantly above average weight.

00:00:00 Human subjects are introduced. SCP-1311 is not sedated or restrained, but waits in a corner.
00:02:00 Subjects' initial panic and attempts to escape the cell decrease, presumably due to SCP-1311's pheromone.
00:02:45 SCP-1311 rushes at them suddenly and attempts to incapacitate all three simultaneously. The subjects attempt self-defense, but it does not seem to register any pain.
00:04:30 The SCP has ripped away large portions of flesh from all three subjects and turns to D-12986.
00:15:15 Only bones remain of D-12986. SCP-1311 begins on D-16383. Its abdomen is visibly distended.
00:27:00 Only bones remain of D-16383. SCP-1311 begins on D-14082.
00:36:30 Only bones remain of D-14082. SCP-1311 begins lapping at blood remaining on floor and pleading for more food.
00:40:00 Dr. ████ recruits several D-class subjects working with nearby SCP-███, insisting that "it'll work this time."

Subject D-19006, 36 year old Asian male of below average height and average weight.
Subject D-10362, 53 year old Caucasian male of average height and weight.
Subject D-17269, 28 year old African American male of above average height and average weight.
Subject D-15270, 30 year old Pacific Islander male of above average height and below average weight.
Subject D-17269, 22 year old Asian female of average height and weight.

00:48:00 The six new subjects enter the cell against their will. SCP-1311 retreats to the corner and regurgitates the remains of the first three subjects, only slightly digested.
00:49:15 SCP-1311 attacks suddenly, again attempting to subdue all subjects at once.
00:51:00 A particularly heavy blow to the head from D-19006 causes the SCP to recoil for the first time. It then proceeds to impale the subject with its foreleg— something it had never done before to prey.
02:01:45 The SCP regurgitated its stomach contents twice more to continue, taking an average of 11 minutes to devour a human subject. It continued to gnaw the bones, lap at the blood, and beg for more until it was sedated and the remains removed.

Addendum: The artificially reproduced pheromone will be tested on Dr. ████, with the intention of increasing his empathy. He has a history of sociopathic behavior and has been a continual drain on supplies of D-class personnel. — Dr. ███████

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