Experiment Log XXXX-01

Experiment-IA: After repeated commentaries of the scent of SCP-XXXX, air fresheners have been placed in various rooms within SCP-XXXX to alleviate the smell. Scents are reported to be minty and free of the smell of decomposition.
Experiment-IB: Removal of bodies attempted, bodies turned into a substance determined to be highly similar in appearance to common soil upon exiting the Object. Substance has been placed into storage for possible future testing.

Experiment-II: Off-site DNA testing attempted, attempt failed. Substance described in Test-XXXX-1 had some light shed onto it, composition of this substance included [Data Redacted] however, no organic DNA was found within the substance.

Experiment-III: On-Site DNA testing attempted, substantial DNA was found upon subjects, DNA matched existing government documents of persons. Researchers are not sure as to the method of which SCP-XXXX obtained these corpses. All persons as of Experiment-3 are confirmed to have been dead for █ years, the most recent deceased being sometime in ██02. The identities and all substantial information of these people can be found [Data Expunged].

Experiment-IV: On-Site surgery and examination of various bodies attempted. All bodies appear to have died of natural causes. Surgery yielded all tested bodies to have all vital organs, some missing a liver or such, and all organs found to be functional, though the functionality level varied with each individual body. Bodies have no regenerative or anomalous properties other than those directly related to SCP-XXXX.

Experiment-V: Suggestion for use of bodies' organs for transplants as a possible beneficial use of SCP-XXXX. A lung was transplanted into one of the D-personnel who suffered a life threatening injury earlier successfully. Subject recovered wonderfully, but was disturbed by the interior of SCP-XXXX and attempted to leave. Upon exiting SCP-XXXX, Subject collapsed and began to gasp for air, eventually dying despite CPR from doctors. An autopsy later revealed that the lung had turned into the substance foud in Experiments IB and II, which was then immediately transferred into the other lung, causing Subject to suffocate.
Note: I understand that this was done in good practice and with the best intentions, but seriously? After Experiment II, this experiment should have been properly thought through. All further experimentation with bodies are to be denied. Dr. V██████

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