Extraterrestrial Visitor

Attempt at an alien SCP, not finished but storing here for reference.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX does not pose immediate threat to the Foundation but would otherwise cause panic on a global scale if not contained.
An atmospherically stable cell is to be furnished simply, with ample lighting, one (1) audio device, bedding, and carbonated water for nutrition.
An air purifying system is required to inhibit all fungi, fungal spores, and listed bacteria from contaminating the space. If any other allergens present themselves, the air-system should be modified immediately to prevent further security breaches.
Two (2) guards should be present at all times, with one (1) tranquillizer gun each, and several fungicides should be on-hand.
Anything entering enclosure should be vigorously cleansed and humans should be up-to-date on psychological exams before entering the enclosure.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an extraterrestrial being having no memories of coming to Earth. Biologically, it is similar to mollusks. Subject is sapient, with known intelligence being slightly above human averages. It has difficulties understanding human languages, but is otherwise able to communicate easily through telepathic means.
SCP-XXXX is a bipedal being of unusual height, approximately 2.7 meters and 45 kg. It has large optical organ, with no Earth biology equivalent, and no visible pupil. All other sensory organs are integrated within the skin of the subject. Subject's hands are extremely long and thin, with two regular digits and one pollex. Its foot structure is identical and the leg structure is partially plantigrade and partially digitgrade, having legs with similar structure to humans, but walking on the three digits, with the pollex under the calcaneus area for support. It has no visible mouth and is able to absorb nutrients through certain areas on the skin, and releases excess waste the same way through evaporation.
Its skeletal structure consists of coeloms filled with a fluid that jells into a rigid structure, and is also able to mollify, allowing for the ability to reform itself into entirely new shapes and sizes, within anatomical boundaries.
Subject shows severe allergic reactions to fungi and fungal spores and certain bacterium, often life-threatening. Reactions are easy to reduce with fungicides and antibiotics.
SCP-XXXX is known to be cooperative and kind to researchers, expressing interest in human cultures and biology.

Addendum XXXX-A: SCP-XXXX often requests toys or puzzles, seeming exceptionally interested in brightly colored children's toys, approved instances of toys are often well-cared for and put on display. Subject also requests multiple times for access to facility, all denied.

Addendum XXXX-B: SCP-XXXX recognizes sexual dimorphism, and mentioned that the same is present in its own culture, and that it is the equivalent of female. It also explained there is a more complex system in place for its people, and expresses distaste that there are only two socially accepted identities in human society.
The subject's difficulty understanding human languages stems from the fact that its language is composed of messages to the brain, which have a synesthetic effect. These messages are usually Chromesthestic, being melodic sounds layered onto images derived from the sound.

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