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Item #: SCP-1314

Data as of 05-06-████'
:: More Observations Required

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1314 is to be contained in a room with the following restrictions:

  • Luminous Intensity of no more than 0.87cd
  • Temperature between 36.00°C to 38.00°C
  • Secondary Containment around SCP-1314
  • 4 Surveillance cameras at all corners, active 24 hours.

Luminous intensity can only be increased up to 1.5cd, and only during experiment. In case of power failure, SCP-1314 must be frozen below -40.00°C. Surveillance cameras must not have direct eye contact with SCP-1314. Secondary Containment must allow a space of at least 50cm3, and all light sources blocked out within Secondary Containment.

  • Only personnel with LEVEL 4 Clearance and above are allowed to experiment with SCP-1314
  • All personnel must not make any eye contact with SCP-1314
  • Maximum of 3 Experiments can only be done on SCP-1314 per day

Any life form under the effect of SCP-1314 are to be executed after experiment and/or without prior notice.

SCP-1314 is an eyeball with the size of a standard adult eyeball, weighing approximately 8g. It is not linked to any form of cerebral object. The color of the iris is similar to that of solid red, but a little lighter in color. The composition of SCP-1314 is equivalent to that of a normal human eyeball. It appears to be a semi-static object. SCP-1314 requires no form of nourishment, and it will work even if it's temperature is above 38.00°C or below 36.00°C, however, it is recommended to keep it within the containment range. Freezing SCP-1314 below -40.00°C neutralizes it for as long as it remains frozen. Anyone who made direct eye contact with SCP-1314 have shown violent behavior towards any life form except from the affected being, class-A amnesiacs does not have any effect on ceasing behavior. Observations have been made on the eye color of experimental subjects and they have showed some form of change in the pigmentation of the subject's iris to closely suit the color of SCP-1314's. Security personnel in-charge of SCP-1314 who have made indirect eye contact with SCP-1314 from the surveillance camera have been reported to be acting abnormally. However, displaying no form of violent behavior. SCP-1314 does not seems to affect life forms who does not have any sense of sight and/or not being able to see even if in direct line of sight. Observations on indirect eye contact will commence on 05-15-████.

First direct eye contact was made by E██, whom accidentally made eye contact during extraction, subject displayed violent behavior such as mindlessly assaulting E█, and firing projectile weapons at Dr. ██████. Subject is killed by Agent █████ to prevent any further damage.

First indirect eye contact was made by Agent ██████ who was in-charge of surveillance of SCP-1314 dated ██-██-████. Subject displayed symptoms of having hallucination and mild level insanity. Subject is detained and awaiting observation.

Subjects who are blind are not affected by SCP-1314 even if they are in line of direct eye contact.

No Image of SCP-1314 can be showed for security and safety reasons.

Any personnel who wishes to experiment with SCP-1314, please follow instructions from here
All records of Experiment Log here

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