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Intravenous Exchange:

Item #: SCP-1133

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1133 is to be kept within a secure testing chamber at Site-███, equipped with one (1) standard power socket. Samples of SCP-1133-X should be stored in an on-site bio-research vault. Both should be guarded by a minimum of one (1) armed personnel at all times in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Description: SCP-1133 resembles an ordinary, hospital-standard intravenous fluid stand. Only the infusion pump displays any anomalous properties. The tubes, stand, power supply and intravenous drip bags are entirely ordinary and can be replaced. SCP-1133 must be connected to two (2) intravenous drip bags, both of which must be empty, in order to function. Upon acquisition, a message was attached to the underside of SCP-1133: see Addendum 1133-A for details.

With the exception of the tubes passing through the infusion pump, all openings on the device are fused shut, including the rear battery compartment, requiring that SCP-1133 be connected to a standard power socket at all times. All attempts at opening SCP-1133 have so far failed, as the casing has proved remarkably resilient, such that the force required to penetrate the casing would likely cause irreparable damage to its internal components. As a result, internal examination has been postponed until primary research is complete.

The console of SCP-1133 possesses only seven (7) functional, each labelled with a corresponding number; the remainder of SCP-1133’s controls are non-functional. When supplied with power, the message ‘SELECT EXTRACTION SETTING’ will be displayed, at which point one (1) of the numbered buttons must be selected. This will cause SCP-1133 to activate, providing it is connected to a living human subject; if SCP-1133 is not connected, or connected to a cadaver or any non-human species, SCP-1133 will display the message ‘OPERATION FAILED’ and shut down.

SCP-1133-1 through SCP-1133-7

Once operational, SCP-1133 will begin to extract a substance, hereafter known as SCP-1133-X, from the subject, corresponding to the number chosen. This substance will accumulate in the first intravenous drip bag attached to SCP-1133. At the same time, SCP-1133 will synthesize another variety of SCP-1133-X in the second intravenous drip bag, and infuse this substance into the subject’s bloodstream. It is unknown how this process occurs, or how the variety of SCP-1133-X synthesized is determined.

Upon entering the bloodstream, SCP-1133-X either breaks down entirely or becomes completely undetectable, and upon extraction it appears to be directly synthesized from compounds in the subject’s blood. This makes it almost impossible to observe the impact of SCP-1133-X on human physiology.
However, both infusion and extraction produce changes in the behaviour of the subject which are easily observable, and are specific to each variety of SCP-1133-X. These effects are directly proportional to quantity, and whether or not the substance was infused or extracted. Because these processes can only be performed simultaneously, their combined effects are often extreme. These effects do not manifest simultaneously; the ‘extraction effect’, which is typically XXX will manifest almost immediately, whereas the ‘infusion effect’ will not be observed for several hours. Subjects are rarely aware of the changes brought about by the ‘infusion effect’, even when the subject had prior knowledge of SCP-1133’s effects.

To date, seven (7) different varieties of SCP-1133-X have been recorded, each with a distinct colour and effect, and each corresponding to a specific number on SCP-1133’s console. SCP-1133-X of all varieties will break down very quickly at room temperature, meaning samples must be refrigerated, and will also break down if introduced into any form of solution. Ingesting SCP-1133-X into the human body has a similar effect to infusion of the same variety, although lasting for only 2-4 hours, rather than being permanent, although the effect will often manifest immediately. All attempts to synthesize SCP-1133-X in laboratory conditions have so far failed. For detailed analysis of SCP-1133-X's chemical properties, please refer to Document 1133-█.

Below is a list of the seven (7) varieties of SCP-1133-X and their effects:

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