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SCP-xxxx-A's most recent form

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: (Revised ██/██/20██; see Addenum xxxx-23)

SCP-xxxx-A and SCP-xxxx-B are stored in a hazardous materials container, which is to be stored in a reinforced containment chamber at Site ██. The containment chamber has been modified with a dual airlock system, with air vented into an internal storage container that is to be checked for leaks before any experiment. The containment chamber is to be considered a biosafety level 4 area when undergoing active testing, and as such staff are to be prepared for the possibility of chemical and biological threats.

Both the container holding SCP-xxxx-A and -B and the containment chamber itself are to be locked at all times when SCP-xxxx-A or B are not under study. Following the events of Experiment xxxx-17, staff must submit the relevant full psychological evaluation report papers of all D-class personnel to be involved in testing, with absence of fear and/or anxiety disqualifying D-class from selection.


SCP-xxxx-A is a Piñata constructed out of what appears to be a papier-mâché like material. SCP-xxxx-A's most recent mainfestation (As of ██-██-20██) currently bears similarity to a (ANIMAL FITTING PHOTOGRAPH HERE). SCP-xxxx-A can not be damaged by any conventional means, other than SCP-xxxx-B. SCP-xxxx-B is a wooden baseball bat that is otherwise non-anomalous. It is currently unknown how SCP-xxxx-B is capable of damaging SCP-xxxx-A, as other wooden baseball bats fail to damage SCP-xxxx-A. SCP-xxxx-A will spontaneously regenerate approximately 24 hours after being damaged to the point where its contents are released, with the released contents de-materializing at the same time. SCP-xxxx-A's appearance changes every time it regenerates, and it is currently unknown what (if any) effect this has on its contents.

The contents of SCP-xxxx-A vary widely, and is generally filled with a random assortment of objects that are smaller than its interior volume. Objects produced have included (But are not limited to) candy, wrist watches, small living organisms, blank CDs, 222 spheres of pure iridium ranging from 0.5-2cm in diameter, approximately 8 liters worth of blood (Tested to all belong to the same individual of Tupaia glis), A 2kg mass composed entirely of Escherichia coli, 12 photographs of ████████ ████(all with autographs that were independently confirmed to be authentic signatures) posing in front of the Eiffel Tower (Despite having died █ years before its construction), and various assorted footwear. Over ██ unique manifestations have been recorded, with naturally occurring repeats being statistically unlikely. SCP-xxxx-A does not appear to be capable of producing objects that would be considered anomalous

SCP-xxxx-A's contents are not truly random, but rather are affected by the individual responsible for breaking SCP-xxxx-A (hereby known as SCP-xxxx-C). If SCP-xxxx-A is not broken in three or less blows, or if the user fails to make contact while swinging SCP-xxxx-B, SCP-xxxx-A's contents will be filled to match the specific worst fears or phobias that SCP-xxxx-C has. This was confirmed in Experiments xxxx 23-27, where SCP-xxxx contained a large number of Loxosceles reclusa spiders when broken on the fourth swing by D-24734. D-24734 was known to have a severe case of arachnophobia, the cause of which was determined to be due to being bitten by the aforementioned species at the age of 14. SCP-xxxx-A contained Loxosceles reclusa for all four tests. It is currently unknown whether there is any significance that the next form SCP-xxxx-A took resembled a giant Loxosceles reclusa.

Addendum xxxx-023:
During Experiment xxxx-17, SCP-xxxx-A failed to produce any objects for over 3 minutes after being broken on the fifth swing by D-█████, after which [DATA EXPUNGED]. Observing staff were administered class-A amnestics, and were successfully returned to normal duties.

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