Fatal Intercom (SCP-YYYY)
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Item #: SCP-YYYY

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-YYYY is to be contained in Site-3█ in a double-locked brick or concrete cell with dimensions of 8 x 4 x 2.5 meters. One guard is to be stationed outside of SCP-YYYY’s cell at all times on an 8-hour rotation basis. Standard live-streaming security cameras with two-way microphones installed are to be established within SCP-YYYY’s cell, and all activity that strives from the norm is to be reported to any available Level 3 personnel immediately.

Description: SCP-YYYY is a red brick block (designated SCP-YYYY-2 after its notability was discovered thanks to Experiment Log YYYY-e-3) with dimensions 2 x 1 x 1.5 meters, which has been removed during retrieval from its original position outside ██████ Apartments, Somerset, England. Installed on it is a basic intercom, designated SCP-YYYY-1. It was investigated after reports of a string of unexplainable deaths throughout the area, which appeared to be linked to ██████ Apartments. No mark of make or model is apparent on SCP-YYYY-1. It appears to have electronics that are to be expected of a regular intercom.

Most D-Class personnel, eyewitness accounts from ██████ Apartments and other humans who attempt to utilise SCP-YYYY-1 (even after removal from ██████ Apartments) will report strange noises, which allegedly resemble voices unlike any they had previously heard (although they were noticeably human). However, recording devices have found no such audio (for detailed accounts, see Experiment Logs designated YYYY-e-1 through 3). If a subject who has attempted to use SCP-YYYY-1 does report these voices, there is approximately a two in three chance of them disappearing between two and five days after using SCP-YYYY-1, often with blood, [REDACTED] and other signs of struggle or [REDACTED] in the area assumed to be their last position before vanishing, whilst they show no anomalous behaviour beforehand. Installing surveillance technologies such as cameras or guards causes the surveillance technologies to register a blank period surrounding the effected individual’s disappearance, and living forms of surveillance fall unconscious with no memory of any attempts at abduction, whilst reporting a slight headache.

Experiment logs:

[A small number of experiments with SCP-YYYY took place between these two logs, with similar consequences to YYYY-e-1 and no notable occurrences. If you wish for a transcript of any of these tests, please contact Archive Manager ███████.]
[A small amount of experiments on low-IQ individuals as mentioned in YYYY-e-2, as well as others on individuals of regular intellect, took place in this event slot.]
[A small number of tests took place in this event slot.]

Addendum: All tests involving SCP-YYYY have ceased. Attempts to reinstate testing involving SCP-YYYY are to be negotiated with Site Manager ███████. And due to its fatal nature only occurring when provoked, requests to classify SCP-YYYY as Euclid or Keter have been rejected.

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