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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP#### is to be contained in a room with normal furnishings. As of this writing it has not made any requests of personnel, except that it be allowed to keep a photo album containing images of its victims and the embryo clusters found within their hollowed chest cavities. Its request was granted once personnel were able to scan the images for Foundation records.

No female personnel are permitted to enter its containment unit except for testing purposes, or to view it except through monitoring equipment. All personnel who are not participating in tests are required to wear an insulated bodysuit when interacting with it; any breach of protective gear must be reported immediately, and the personnel involved will be put in quarantine until further notice. Any interaction with the subject while unprotected will result in immediate termination, unless interaction occurs in the context of a test. Personnel responsible for the containment and maintenance of the subject are to undergo psychiatric evaluation every two weeks; any development of pity towards SCP-####'s condition are to be reassigned immediately.

In most cases the subject has been docile since its capture and the incineration of its home, but in the event of an escape attempt, nonlethal force is to be used in light of its host's age and weakened state. It is to be provided with sustenance daily, as is appropriate for the diet of an adult male human. If the subject refuses to eat and drink of its own volition, then the subject is to be restrained in its bed and fed via a nasogastric feeding tube. As it experiences great discomfort when fed this way, it usually can be encouraged to feed itself when gently reminded of the alternative.

SCP-#### is susceptible to self-termination, and has been since its containment. No sharp or lethal objects are to be given to it, and it is to be kept under observation at all times.

Description: SCP#### is a parasite that bears a crude resemblance to a Popillia japonica grub. Its legs and abdomen are much longer, however, and have been embedded in the base of its host's (SCP-####-01) brain stem; the tail curves upwards, and can be extended through a cloaca beneath SCP-####-01's tongue. This abdomen is actually an engorged reproductive organ, and can be extended to nearly 20 centimeters in length. SCP-####-01 is a Caucasian male, approximately fifty years of age, of average height and weight, though since its containment the host's weigh has decreased somewhat.

The specimen was found in Darien, IL in 2010 when eight women were reported missing in one subdivision over the course of 13 months. The foundation was alerted after twelve policemen entered the subject's home on several occasions and never returned. Inside the house, agents discovered seven of the eight missing missing women in varying states of decay. Their internal organs had been eaten by the embryo clusters that were incubating inside of their chest cavities. The eighth woman was still alive technically, though her muscles were atrophied and her limbs had been bound with a viscous substance resembling spider's silk. The remains of the policemen had been digested by and secreted from SCP-####'s "sister," a sentient growth that had spread across the ceiling of the living room (SCP-####-03). See aar-#### for further details regarding the acquisition of the subject.

Subject appears to be grieving after the distruction of its home, the seizure of one of its embryo clusters (SCP-####-02), and the incineration of the women's remains. It is has been denied any access to SCP-####-02, and denial of all such requests will continue. SCP-#### does not groom its host (SCP-####-01 had been, before capture, well-maintained), and refuses to communicate with personnel and researchers.

Testing of the host's bodily fluids has revealed that its saliva has mild sedative properties, and that it releases a strong pheremon from its pores when it perspires. Unprotected females who spend any amount of time around the subject will find themselves inexplicably attracted to it, and will feel empathy and affection towards it. Test subjects invariably describe the host as being "lonely" and "in need of some company," and express a desire to "comfort" it. An attempt to comfort it results in hand-holding, cuddling, and other behaviors akin to human limerence.

Shortly after physical contact has been made, SCP-####-01 will attempt to kiss the test subject on the mouth, and meets with little or no resistance. When this occurs, and a sufficient amount of saliva has entered its victim's mouth, SCP-#### extends its abdomen and inserts it into the recipient, reaching as far back into its throat as possible. It rubs itself against the roof of the subject's mouth so as to stimulate production of a thick white fluid that, when ejected into the victim's throat, is swallowed and taken deeper into the body. This fluid contains thousands of microscopic fertilized eggs. They attach themselves to the throat and esophagus and grow over time, gaining nourishment from the tissue they have been planted on.

The victim will express surprise when they become aware of what is transpiring, but by the time SCP-#### has secreted its fluid there is not much which can be done except to terminate the test subject and incinerate the remains. During the gestation period, SCP-#### will display nurturing, attentive behaviors toward its victim, speaking to it in a way that is reminiscent of the husband of an expecting mother and treating it with gentleness, even while restraining it. SCP-####-01 will display aggression and will not hesitate to use violence if it senses that its "wife" or its spawn are being threatened, though when it does not feel that they our threatened, it will gladly talk to its guards and other personnel about its spawn and its "wife's" progress through the gestation. It appears to be aware of the detrimental effect of its spawn's gestation upon his victim, and expresses something resembling regret, though not in great enough intensity to terminate the process. Instead, it will insist on showing its photo album to the victim, and will reminisce with her about his previous spawn clusters.

Testing has ceased after several rounds, as the inevitable destruction of its victims and its young produce signs of self-destructive tendencies in the subject.

SCP-####-01 doesn't seem to be able to produce the material used to restrain the women found in its home; it is hypothesized that SCP-####-03 was responsible for the production of this substance, and may have provided unfertilized eggs for SCP-####.

Addendum: Portion of a successful interview with SCP-####:

Agent [insert name here]: Why have you been so unresponsive in previous interviews?

SCP-####-01: I have nothing to say to you. You're all murderers and everything I had is gone. All of my dear wives, my beautiful children…

Agent: Those "wives" were once living human beings. You killed them to feed the embryos.

SCP-####-01: But that's how life is! The old die, and the young feast upon their remains. It might not happen literally with your species, but my children needed something to feed on. They couldn't fend for themselves! They were just babies! (Subject is becoming emotional; his voice is strained. He cries for a few minutes.)

Agent: (Sighs, checks watch) This obviously upsets you. Why haven't you made an attempt to escape?

SCP-###-01: (At this point it turns over to face Agent [___]. Its eyes are red, but its expression is smug) Oh, there's no need for that. Do you think those were my only brood? I've been doing this long before you took me, and my brothers know I'm gone. They'll never let you catch them now—they learned from my mistakes.

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